Occasionally, I have a conversation with one of my old college friends that starts like this: “Have you watched ‘Game Of Thrones’ yet?”  The answer, to date, has been “Not really, I’m still kind of waiting for the end.”  I have a vague suspicion that I will actually read the books before the end of the series, but at this point it’s still in the Not Yet file.  It’s actually a difficult balance for me to keep, what with my feelings about waiting for comic book trades, as I feel like my vote may or may not be the one that keeps things afloat.  (Admit it, we all have that vague worry, that no one will make more Spider-Man movies or Donald Duck comics if we, personally, don’t get onboard.)  But, much as with Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’, there are certain series where the break between issues or episodes is an untenable void of fear and trepidation, and thus I insist on saving it up, which leads to today’s medievally murderous query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has to admit a tiny bit of worry about the different shades of Daenarys’ hair and eyebrows, but figures I’ll have to get over it, asking: What pop culture do you/did you not want to experience in segments, instead saving it up?


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  1. I tend to do that with pretty much any TV in general, because I don’t watch currently airing shows with any regularity. That said, I’m waiting until Agents of SHIELD ends out the season before catching up, and although I caught a couple of episodes of The Flash I’m doing the same there.

    • I tried that with The Flash, but then they had a special encore airing of the first episode and I was too tired from my medications to change the channel (the remote was out of reach and I didn’t want to get into my wheelchair just to go get it then get back in bed). After that, I couldn’t wait that long to see the rest.

      I may try to do it next season, though.

  2. Super Sentai seasons. This started out as necessity since I usually had to wait for fansubs, and in the old days this meant getting a VHS from a mailing tree with multiple episodes (sometimes two or three tapes containing the entire season and sometimes an extra or two). Then high speed internet came along and it made finding these things easier, but I still enjoyed watching in binges. I have occasionally made exceptions (I watched a good chunk of Gokaiger as soon as episodes were available), but for the most part I still wait to watch a full season over a couple of days.

    Most anime isn’t that much different. Aside from a few shows edited for children, it used to be difficult to find anime other than as fansubs, season collections or tapes with multiple episodes. While I have more options on how to watch them (as well as more variety of what to watch) now, I still mostly prefer to binge watch rather than watching one episode a week.

    I also liked waiting for long Star Wars novel series to be at least halfway through before I started them, or if they aren’t really a mini-series with a set number of titles, waiting for several to be out. I actually still haven’t read the X-Wing series because even though I have several books from the series thanks to yard sales and such, I want to have the series in order. I’ve read the first book, but I’m missing a few in between, so until I get them the other books are stashed away. It is also one of the reasons I haven’t jumped into the new Expanded Universe stuff yet (even though it is mostly stand-alone stories rather than a series) as I’m waiting for a few releases to come out before I start dipping my toes into the new interpretation of a galaxy far, far away.

  3. Malone_hasco on

    Arrow and Flash come to mind. Im pretty bad at watching anything in regular schedules but with those Im at least 4-5 episodes behind and then catch up when I feel like it. Sometimes constant teen drama in those two is a little bit too much for me to watch twice every week.

  4. I think if I had to watch Mad Men week-to-week, I would go insane. A much better show to take in whole. Granted episodes blend together.

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