One of the great surprises of the New 52 relaunch of 2011 was an attempt by the creators to diversify the genres of comics that DC offered (even if their creators and main characters didn’t reflect any of that same diversity.)  The fact that Jonah Hex was part of the lineup, albeit as an extension of Batman’s universe, was fun for me, and his return this week in the pages of Convergence: Infinity Inc. reminded me that, for a while in the 1980s, Jonah was basically Mad Max in a future dystopia.  His high-profile (including his hilariously deadpan diagnosis of time-travel in ‘Justice League Unlimited’) make Hex the best known of DC’s cowboy-types, but he’s hardly the only one around, which leads us to today’s two-gun query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wouldn’t mind seeing The Two-Gun Kid in an active role somewhere again, asking: Which western-type character would you most like to see revived in ongoing adventures?


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  1. Caine, from the original “Kung Fu” and definitely NOT the “modern” updates (the 80’s TV movies and the 90’s series “Kung Fu: The Legend Continues”). Ideally, I’d love a semi-reboot comic series that doesn’t throw out the TV series entirely, but is allowed to take liberties with the character’s story. I’m iffy about a TV series or movie, but I think a comic would be perfect.

  2. Would that be revived in modern times and settings, or in their own times and settings? I’d prefer the latter over the former, and second my vote for that lawyer fella with the two guns. And add in a Phantom Rider / Red Wolf back-up feature to boot!

  3. Personally, I’ve always had two problems with Western Comics – First, they suffered from the same problem that pretty much killed the Western Movie by the end of the sixties – between TV shows and movies, westerns have simply been done to death! It’s hard to do anything in the western genre that’s fresh and original. And, to be honest, the only Western comic I’ve read that was worth the paper it was printed on was the Lucky Luke series. Mostly because of my second point… Secondly: very few artists who ever tackled western comics ever get the art right as if they seem to think that because they don’t know what steam locomotives, railroad tracks, horse tack and saddles, six guns and the like actually look like, their readers won’t either, and nothing kills a comic faster for me than somebody drawing railroad tracks that look like picket fences, the wrong kind of gun (using post 1870s Colts in pre-Civil War stories, etc). The only truly great western movie I’ve seen in the last 30 years was Unforgiven, and that made me think that perhaps a comic book based on the early life of William Munny has possibilities, if they got the stories and art right.

    • Malone_hasco on

      I’ve only ever seen decent long running real western (not superhero weird west, I like Jonah Hex and others just fine) comics made by Europeans, mostly Italian artists. They got their Colts and Winchesters right, can draw horses and locomotives. But I’ve never seen any Americans do it right which seems weird to me. I guess, like in movies it takes Italians to show Americans what their wild west looked like.
      For some authentic and well drawn, yet very idealized western comic, See Tex Willer, its been running forever and is still extremely popular.

      Same thing with inaccuracy drawing real life items bothers me in every comic book though: In Marvel or DC cops, military or bank robbers dont ever have real looking pistols or rifles, its always some square mailbox they are holding. I wont let it bother me too much, but I always notice it.

  4. Goofball814 on

    I’d LOVE to see US-1 revived. Who doesn’t love space truckers with crazy motorcycle chick with an electric whip!

  5. Oldcomicfan on

    The Lieutenant Blueberry series had fantastic art, the stories were kind of cliche, though. There was one great Western comic series by a famous name US artist and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the artist or the strip. And for funny strips you couldn’t beat Tumbleweeds, by Tom K. Ryan

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