Lot of movie news came out this week from Joker to Perry to LEGO Spider-Man, but a few stories may not have been picked up by your radar. Let’s fix that.

Native American actors walk off Adam Sandler set

One of the biggest and most controversial stories to come out this week was the report that approximately a dozen Native American actors plus the cultural advisor walked off the set for Adam Sandler’s The Ridiculous Six.

A few of the actors have spoked about why they made the decision to leave the set and they are probably exactly what you are thinking: crass, racist humor and a disrespect for their culture.  Two of the Native women’s names were Beaver’s Breath and No Bra, who in the script is shown squatting and urinating while smoking a peace pipe.

Actor and singer Loren Anthony said that he initially did not want to do the film, but was then convinced to do so after the producers told him a cultural consultant had been hired and would be there to make sure the cultures were tastefully represented. Unfortunately, hiring a person and listening to what they have to say are two different actions.

Native Americans and Hollywood have a long history of misrepresentation and ridicule and in 2015 you would think the system would be moving away from that, but, like many other areas, it seems there is still much to improved.

via Indian Country Today Media

M. Night Shyamalan shows off trailer for The Visit

With CinemaCon happening in Las Vegas last week many trailers and sneak peeks were shown including a trailer for M Night Shyamalan’s The Visit. Ready for more found footage horror?

What confuses me the most in the trailer is why they even mentioned The Village? How is that going to get anyone to see The Visit?

“Want to go see the new film by the guy who made The Village?!”

“Totally! I don’t know how he could top that piece of film gold.”

If you know of anyone who has had that conversation in earnest I will watch The Village before going to the theater to watch The Visit.

From a filmmaking stand point, it looks as if the “found footage” angle looks to fall apart even within the trailer. Of course, they trailer might have left out the part of how these two children have been trained in the art of lighting, composition and sound since the age of 3.

And don’t worry, my cynicism and snarkiness about The Visit after just one trailer is annoying me too.

Don’t tell Johnny Depp your steak cooking secret

A trailer that has been received incredibly well online this week is the Johnny Depp staring Black Mass.

No more talking from me. Just watch and enjoy.


Don’t miss Black Mass when it comes out September 18, 2015.

First look at McAvoy and Radcliffe in Victor Frankenstein

Lot of talk and production for monster movies lately and this is one that should excite many. James McAvoy and Daniel Redcliffe and starring as Frankenstein and Igor, respectively.



In the upcoming June issue of Empire McAvoy says this about the film,

As much as the monster is his creation, Igor is his creation as well. That was quite exciting. It’s funny, the script, but also really dark, in a cool way.

Paul McGuigan is directing Victor Frankenstein with a script from Max Landis and will be in theaters October 2, 2015.

via Empire

Fox buys rights to short film Controller

Short proof of concept films are so hot right now.

Iranian-American Saman Kesh debuted the Taiwanese shot short Controller back in August of 2013 at the Machinima Interactive Film Festival, but now in 2015 it might be getting more views than ever thanks to Fox buying up the rights to the work.

I could explain to you what Controller is about but I would much rather you watch it for yourself to find out, it’s just the fun and well done.

As much as I hope the setting and costume design will stay the same when Fox makes their version I’m not going to hold my breath. To me, the medical masks with the designs on them have a creepy vibe to them while the red motorcycle helmet is incredibly bad-ass and I want one to wear at all times.

via Deadline

And that is it for this Saturday Rewind! Are there any other major stories that we didn’t pick up on? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Can’t say I blame the walk offs on the Sandler movie thing, and I’m not the type to jump at everything that could be offensive.

    I like the look of Victor Frankenstein, though (at least the costumes, they look spiffy!).

  2. Clint Eastwood is just about the only movie director who has ever treated Native Americans with the respect and dignity that they deserve.
    John Ford got a lot more credit for this than he deserved – it was true that he hired a lot of Native Americans to serve as background in his films, but all they were was stage dressing. If the role of a Native American required speaking or acting of any kind, he always cast some painted up white guy in the part. John Wayne was a little better in some of the later films that he directed, though the Native American actors he hired danced on the edge of being parodies in many cases.
    But then again, would anybody with a brain in their head read a script with Indian parts named Beaver Breath and No Bra and actually expect to be treated with respect? That would be about the same as me taking an acting role for a character named Paddy O’Drunkerson and then complaining that they weren’t treating the Irish with respect. Ya git what ya pay for, folks!
    I really wonder about having yet another Frankenstein movie. Is this trip really necessary? The costumes look great, as do the sets, but… is this going to be another Lone Ranger fiasco, where they reinterpret the story in such a way that it bears no relation to the source material? I was pleasantly surprised by the recent Sherlock Holmes movies, so there is aways a chance that they may actually do a good job here, but the odds are against it. Chances are that what we will end up with is a variation of Young Frankenstein only without Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks. Meh.
    As for M. Night Shyamalamma Ding Dong, Unbreakable was the only movie of his that I liked. Just as how Apollo 13 and That Thing You Do are the only Tom Hanks films I like. It just goes to show you that if you swing a bat at enough cow pies eventually you will hit one out of the park, but you’re going to leave one heck of a mess scattered about before you do.

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