IDW Publishing kicks off its new Disney line with Uncle Scrooge #1, and for some of you, this issue might be very familiar.

UncSc_01-1Uncle Scrooge #1
Jonathan Gray, Rodolfo Cimino (w) • Romano Scarpa (a) • Giorgio Cavazzano (c)
Wak! Disney’s richest epic hero returns! In “The Wrath of Gigabeagle,” the McDuck Money Bin meets a monster-sized Beagle Boy mech!
FC • 48 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Monthly Disney Comics are back, from IDW!
Fan-favorite creators: Romano Scarpa (legendary Italian Uncle Scrooge master), Jonathan Gray (Sonic the Hedgehog) and more!
Capcom’s recent DuckTales: Remastered video game has brought Scrooge McDuck back to Disney stardom. See what all the quacking is about!
48 action-packed Pages for only $3.99!
Variant “Disney Legacy” Adventureland cover by Andrew Pepoy!

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  1. David Gerstein on

    Dave Gerstein here—Archival Editor of the IDW DIsney books. Thanks for the review!

    FYI, though: neither of the Italian stories was as recent in origin as you thought. “Gigabeagle” was first published in Italy in 1966, as a sequel to a then-recent Carl Barks robot story. And “Stinker, Tailor, Scrooge and Sly” was produced in the 1980s, though first published in 2012. It’s our translations that are new, though now and then we do throw in some retro gags.

    You expressed some concern about Scrooge’s treatment of the tailor and her partner; but Brigitta MacBridge and Jubal Pomp are longtime friendly rivals of Scrooge’s, which explains his attitude (relatively speaking—he is, of course, Scrooge). Brigitta and Jubal first appeared in Italian comics in the late 1950s, and have been appearing now and then in the USA (since 1990 and 2005, respectively). So Scrooge has a kind of history with them… just wait for Jubal’s *next* appearance, in just a couple months. (-:<

    We did say a bit about Brigitta and Jubal in the back of the issue… in our "Cross Talk" column. We'll be running this column for at least the first few months of our books, just to make sure everyone's familiar with the Ducks' extended cast!

      • David Gerstein on

        (Actually, in my haste, my “info” included it own glitch: “late 1950s” for Brigitta and Jubal’s origins should have been “early 1960s.” Wak!)

    • Neat! And as it was written prior to the 1990s it would have been pronounced “Jigg-ah-beagle.” In the early 90s she computers started getting to the point where we started thinking about “Jiga” bytes we collectively decided that was silly, and started pronouncing it wrong until after repeated mispronunciation the pronunciation changed.
      I have some lovely training manuals from back when WA was trying to transfer to the Metric system,which are emphatic it’s pronounced “Jig-ah.” They were looking out for us making sure we didn’t say “Gig-ah” like a dufus.

      • Christopher Lloyd has a whole explanation of why it is called a jigawatt in BTTF instead of gigawatt that is essentially the same thing. I was about to go into it during the show, but thought, “naw… that’s I fight I don’t want to have right now.”

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