As vehicles go, the van kind of gets a bad rap.  The full-size edition is mostly used for punchlines about hippies and/or criminals, while the mini-version is maligned as the purview of suburban ladies in mom jeans.  It’s a sad Catch-22, given the sheer cool cats and ladies who have vans of their own in fiction.  Would you tell Fred Jones his van is uncool?  Or B.A. Baracus?  Or Inspector Gadget?  Okay, really only one of those guys is in any way intimidating, but the other two are still pretty cool, and even if Greg Universe’s ride doubles as his house for some reason, it’s both iconic and a really cool-looking ride, leading us to today’s multi-passenger query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced as always, “misquoted”) has considered getting “Mr. Universe” painted on the side of my Ford minivan, mostly because the existing paint is peeling anyway, asking: What’s the coolest van in all the worlds of pop culture?


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