Take a married man’s midlife crisis, replace humanity with robots and add an alien invasion.  What do you get?  Something similar, or exactly the same, as D4VE.  A new comic miniseries from IDW, D4VE is a hilarious take on the average loser turned hero story.  Issue three has hit, so what does D4VE do against the upcoming invasion?  Read the Major Spoilers review to find out.

D4VE_3_coverWriter: Ryan Ferrier
Art: Valentin Ramon
Color: Valentin Ramon
Letters: Ryan Ferrier
Editor: David Hedgecock
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in D4VE:  D4VE was once a hero.  He helped the robot race succeed in wiping all human life.  Now, with no one to fight, he is stuck at a monotonous desk job and married to a wife that hates him.  Every day is the same until some aliens show up to take over the world.  Sure, they seem peaceful but D4VE knows better.  Now he’s getting his band of buddies back together to go kick some alien butt.  He’s also got to bring along his new son, 5COTTY.


From the minute I saw the solicitation for D4VE I knew it would be up my alley.  It’s incredibly sharp tounged and takes some great jabs at everyday life.  Seeing a robot have a midlife crises is hilarious, especially considering how human an act it is.  Ryan Ferrier ingeniously gives the robots human traits after they wipe out humanity.  They end up doing everything we do, living each day in the same way: go to work, have families, be miserable (that’s mostly a joke).  I find D4VE’s reaction’s to life hilarious and a little too close to home.  Things start to kick into a higher gear this issue as D4VE attempts to recruit his old war buddies in his fight against the aliens.  Unlike him, they’ve left their best days behind them and are living them out in a relationship with each other.  It’s a somewhat touching scene and I loved the hug the three share as D4VE leaves.  It also caught me off guard and shows what this comic does best: throwing curve balls.  D4VE needs this to bring meaning to his life but it’s difficult for him because no one believes him.  The aliens have come peacefully but D4VE is right.  Ever since the robots wiped out mankind, they’ve had no need for weapons and rid themselves of all defenses, making it perfect for the alien’s taking.  Of course, D4VE’s obsession with his glory days will come in handy since he’s saved all his guns.  Much like the interaction between his old friends, D4VE and 5COTTY’s conversations get quite hilarious at points.  They’ve slowly become more like friends rather than father and son, even though D4VE reluctantly puts up with 5COTTY’s teenage obnoxiousness.  There are tons of other great story moments in this issue, like D4VE quitting his job, but I don’t want to ruin them.  I am getting anxious to see D4VE kick some butt and see why he’s such a war hero but knowing how this book is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan Ferrier has something else planned.  If so, that would still be a great thing.  I love being caught off guard by good stories.


Valentin Ramon has a wonderfully detailed style that has a great sense of humor.  It’s incredibly subtle, just beneath the surface but it’s there.  Ramon manages to give D4VE expressions which is quite the achievement considering his face is a giant red eye.  There are other small gags and visual jokes in the background and on characters and it’s amazing how easily it merges with the story.  His work is incredibly detailed and is reminiscent of Geof Darrow.  I love D4VE’s scraggly and barely held together appearance, from his loose tie to his untucked, wrinkled shirt.  The aliens look completely different from what I’ve seen before, with interior sections of their heads visible.  It’s an unnerving trait and does well in giving them a menacing look.  Lettering is done exceptionally well and I’m shocked at how many names can have a letter substituted with a number.  The whole team on the book deserves accolades for what they’ve accomplished.


Even with all the jabs at the monotony of everyday life, D4VE makes you smile and realize to not take things so seriously.  Seeing robots living the way we do has something special about it and the story’s protagonist is a lovable loser.  This issue moves the plot forward at a quick pace and we’ll hopefully get to see D4VE in action.  The whole art team does a tremendous job and elevates this book to another level.  I highly recommend readers check out D4VE, especially if they’re having a midlife crisis.  It may make realize how good you have it.  We haven’t been invaded by aliens…yet.

D4VE #3


D4VE #3 is a great continuation of a comic that is original, funny and makes fun of everyday life. It's quirky and comes highly recommended, especially for those having a midlife crisis.

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