Recently, I made an offhand complaint to a friend that ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ was ticking me off with the difficulty of a particular video game mission, only to get an astonished response of “I didn’t know you were a gamer!”  She’s now campaigning for me to buy an X-Bone so we can cause mayhem together (I’m seriously considering it, to be honest), but I’m not certain where I would even keep such a thing.  With the Wii U and the Playstation 3 on our main HD TV, my N64 hooked up in the bedroom, and a perfectly functional Atari 2600 that won’t interface with any of our televisions gathering dust in my closet, I feel orta maxed out on consoles.  Part of the reason I keep them is that I remember having to bike downtown with a roll of quarters to play Robotron or Gorf at the skeevy bar or the local IGA, and it’s great to have access to whatever game I want, whenever I want it.  Weirdly, though, I do sometimes miss that arcade experience.  This is why Widget and I will occasionally travel to the local laundromat to throw money down the gullet of their Playchoice10 machine and enjoy Time Pilot and other vintage video games the way I did back in ’83, leading us to today’s 8-bit query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is happy that a local pizza joint has a classic stand-up ‘Roadblasters’ console, and that it still holds up, even against ‘Grand Theft Auto’, asking: What’s your favorite no-longer-cool or cutting-edge video game to play?


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  1. Pretty much every NES game, but especially old side scrolling action games like Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden or Super Mario Bros. Im a big fan of retro video games in general.

    • That is one of the reasons I love the Virtual Console on Wii (and I believe it is on the newer systems as well). A lot of great old games, and some in their original glory as opposed to re-released updates. I don’t have anything against the updated versions, really, but there is a very different experience playing a game in 8 or 16 bit from playing virtually the same game with modern graphics.

  2. TheWolverine on

    Usually the 90’s FPS games like Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem & Blood. Also different racing games from the 90’s like Road Rash, Carmageddon, Crazy Taxi, Crash Team Racing, Driver & etc. etc. Beyond that though I quite enjoy the various emulators for old console games as well.

  3. Since I’m too poor to afford any of the current systems (newest systems I have are a Wii, DS and PS2), pretty much everything I play is outdated if it isn’t on my PC (though I do still play the original EverQuest, which is pretty outdated even with the updates of recent years, and every once in a while a lightly modded version of the original KOTOR).

    But I have a number of Virtual Console games on the Wii that were originally for older systems like NES, such as the first few Final Fantasy games and a few other old RPGs and such.

    I also like to play several Game Boy Advance games I have on my DS, such as Monster Rancher Advance, most of the old GBA Pokemon games and a few RPGs and Tactics games (I REALLY wish I had a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, I LOVED that game!).

    Even if/when I finally manage to get a 3DS, I’ll still play the older games just because I still enjoy them so much. Probably won’t be rid of them until they break or until I no longer have a system that can play them.

  4. My local Pizza Hut had a Galaga machine that I loved to play. I also love final fantasy 1-6. I have the gameboy advance versions. Lastly the two golden sun games on the GBA that I’ve played through five or six times.

    • You made me have a flashback to the recent past. Up until about 5-ish years ago, my local Pizza Hut had a whole little area of OLD arcade games like that (including one of those nifty Pac-Man machines that was also like a table and the screen was under the top). But sadly, someone else bought it and renovated the building, and the game area was added to the kitchen.

  5. Derrick Donaldson on

    I grabbed one of those Intellivision emulators just to play Astrosmash. Still one of my favorite games.

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