Ever since the release of the footage featuring Eric Stoltz’s limited work as Marty McFly in ‘Back To The Future’, I’ve had a theory (knonw to the innernets as a “headcanon”) in my head: Eric’s Marty actually DID exist, and was erased from the timeline by paradox after failing to fix the time stream.  The older Doc Brown, once he created his machine, went back to the fifties to discover another version of himself had already done so, causing another paradox, but resetting the universe to allow the events of ‘Back To The Future’, featuring a very different Marty McFly, for some reason, who was successful in HIS mission, which smoothed out most of the paradoxes of 1955 and gave us the trilogy we know.  (Eric’s Marty was taller because of different parentage, possibly an adventure of Elaine’s youth involving a talking duck.)  It’s a fun bit of meaningless story that people will no doubt pick apart in the comments section, but one that leads us to today’s alternate-reality query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is also pretty attached to the theory that Batman isn’t so much driven by determination as he is utterly terrified of getting close to anyone, in case they get shot in an alley, asking: What’s your favorite bit of personal continuity or headcanon?


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  1. A lot of little bits of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Even with the declaration that the old EU “didn’t happen”, bits of the EU have popped up in canon material here and there ever since the first Star Wars Special Edition movies came out prior to Episode I and have continued to trickle into canon sources ever since. So while I can accept that the EU stories directly involving Luke, Han, Chewie, Leia and the likes didn’t happen, I still like to believe that other things did. There are just far too many to really list.

    I also like to believe that the final episode of “Forever Knight” didn’t end with Nick’s death (we never actually saw him staked, it just had LaCroix holding the stake up high then went to an exterior shot).

    And I also think there are more than one incarnation of The Doctor across time/space. The American “Dr. Who” movies are an alternate reality, there are alternate duplicate incarnations existing across various points of space/time (such as the “Scream of the Shalka” Doctor and the various comic incarnations) due to various changes in the timeline and such, etc. The reason they never cross each other’s paths is because of some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey technicalities, such as their TARDISes can’t be near each other or actively avoid them due to the danger the paradox would create, which would be even more dangerous than the Doctor meeting closer incarnations of himself (such as when 5th and 10th met in “Time Crash”).

    And I like to imagine the mental hospital Buffy from the episode “Normal Again” is the REAL Buffy, and that the whole thing about magic and slayers and all that is simply part of her delusion.

  2. Malone_hasco on

    Same for me with lots of things happened in Star Wars expanded universe. Too many to list, even. Also, things in our long running Star Wars roleplaying game campaign totally happened too. I also ignore incredibly stupid Wolverines origin stuff. Theres probably more, but lets go with there for now.

    • A lot of information from various Star Wars RPG sourcebooks did become canon, such as the term Twi’lek.
      From Wookieepedia:
      “The name Twi’lek was not coined until the 1987 West End Games publication The Star Wars Sourcebook.[28] The name was not spoken in any of the Star Wars films.
      George Lucas himself has used the Expanded Universe name Twi’lek, as evidenced by a remark of his during the production of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith that is documented in an Episode III Set Diary entry.”

      So it doesn’t seem so far fetched in believing that a player’s RP campaign could have happened in between the cracks as long as it didn’t interfere with or change major events. Heck, I like to believe my long running RP character (from both tabletop RP and later MMO RP) exists since her story was carefully crafted to avoid any major events of the movies, novels, etc. In the course of her history (I’ve played and written her from childhood to her death at about mid/late 40’s when she sacrificed herself to save her best friend and her daughter), she only had three meetings with any established characters, and only one of those was anyone from the films (and even that took place between Episodes III and IV as a brief meeting of Luke Skywalker as children since they both were raised on Tatooine and were roughly the same age).

      • Malone_hasco on

        Yep, I placed our campaign in such a spot that we had liberties to go around doing lots of stuff but not really mess with existing canon. It was actually year or two before that new Rebels series takes place. They met some important people too, but in the end, most of the characters weer our own and I achieved the goal of doing the Star Wars we all liked but not changing anything thats known. Players participated couple of big events that are vaguely mentioned too, but we did our own thing and now its detailed what really happened and thats cool thing about it.

  3. Howard the Duck is from St. Canard or Duckburg.

    Also have one about Lost involving exotic matter and extra-dimensional entities, but its too long and too much pseudo-science.

    • I’m actually a bit surprised with Disney owning Marvel that they haven’t done anything with Howard and the Disney Ducks. I really want to see a Howard/Darkwing Duck crossover, and while it sounds cheesy, I think it could work out great with the right creative team working on it.

  4. stellarleader on

    Remember the Ultimen from Justice League Unlimited?

    Somewhere in a Cadmus facility they have imprisoned the real Black Lightning, Samurai, Apache Chief and Wonder Twins, all subjects of a terrible experiment that has already claimed the life of one of them: El Dorado.

  5. On a rather sad note, the only head cannon event I can really think of is that the Marvel Illuminati killed Banner after World War Hulk and cloned him.

    Why do I think that, you ask? Well…long story.

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