In this world of reboots, relaunched properties and remakes, it seems that it’s only a matter of time before we get a big-budget version of ‘Sigmund And The Sea Monsters’ as Lovecraftian monsters, starring Jeremy Renner and Rooney Mara. (Featuring Haley Joel Osment in a career-reviving role as Sigmund…) The vast majority of remakes bring little to the table, other than better visuals, but the sorta-terrible remake of ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ did a better job with Barbra, taking her from distressed damsel to active character. Star Trek: The Next Generation’s updated credo replaced “no man” with “no one”, reflecting a more inclusive world view in 1987’s 23rd Century, which leads us to today’s deja view query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, ‘”misquoted”)thinks that there are more important things to update than the special effects, asking: Which favorite property most needs to be relaunched due to out-of-date or no-longer-appropriate content, rather than just to add CG?


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  1. If done correctly, I think a Highlander relaunch would be great. While I do love the existing setting in general, the spinoffs and sequels have mostly been pretty bad. Stick to the ideas from the first movie and the TV series and just show some really intriguing Immortals lives, throw in a few cool sword fights and keep away from anything magical or alien aside from the powers of the Immortals. I would prefer more of a spinoff in the same vein as the TV series that shifts focus to a new character in the existing setting, but a relaunch might be the best thing for the franchise to do in order to truly cast off the stink of “Highlander 2” and “Highlander: The Source”.

    Forever Knight would also be fun to see relaunched. Sure, there are plenty of vampire themed TV series on the air at any point in the past 20 years, but I really enjoyed the concept of the series and the way they built a unique vampire mythology. It is still one of my all time favorite TV series. Special FX barely enters the equation here anyway since most of the vampire powers were shown through makeup, accessories, clever camera angles and old fashioned stunts, and they worked out quite well. The focus wasn’t so much about vampire powers as it was about the characters, some of which just happened to be vampires.

    And finally, Alien Nation. Other than a few instances, updated FX aren’t really needed since the focus is about an alien species living alongside humans. The alien look doesn’t need any updating, just update the story from the 90’s to present day.

    • And just a side note, I REALLY wanted to suggest a live action relaunch of “C.O.P.S.” (the old cartoon with the tagline “Fighting Crime… In a FUTURE Time!”), but that might need to be a bit heavy on FX with some of the characters they had. Would still be pretty fun, though.

  2. I would love to see a good remake of Knight Rider. Keyword: good. Unfortunately, I think the title is stained by such series as Knight Rider 2000, or worse, Team Knight Rider.

    In lieu of that, I’d go with the Highwayman. Similar concept, but with a semi-truck that can turn into a helicopter. The limited success of the original series would give any new producers a lot of leeway with new stories.

    Speaking of helicopters, how about Airwolf or Blue Thunder? I’m a fan of the lone protagonist with futuristic vehicles and quirky sidekick/boss genre. Any of these properties could be reworked with a protagonist who is not a young-to-middle-aged white guy for a fresh modern spin on some of my old favorites.

    • I still think Team Knight Rider was better than Knight Rider 2000 and the 2008 series, but that isn’t really saying much.

  3. Not sucking up to one of our hosts, but I think the Rockford Files format is still very workable. A near cousin ran on FX a couple years ago called “Terriers” with Donal Logue and was very entertaining.

    I have no love for Knight Rider and other super car shows, but I could definitly see an Air Wolf or Blue Thunder series being popular.

  4. With the current enthusiasm for all things superhero related could it be time to revive Mutant X?
    It also seems bizzar to me that there isn’t currently a X-Men animated series.

  5. I think a lot of the shows I grew up with in the 80’s would work very well if just updated.

    Magnum P.I. – Make him an Iraq or Afghanistan vet instead of Vietnam, keep the Detroit Tigers cap.

    MacGuyver – Action hero who smarts his way through the action updated for more modern science, but hopefully not too much “tech-y” stuff for deus ex machina. Keep the duct tape and Swiss army knife. Loose the mullet.

    Quantum Leap – This show still holds up just fine except for those rare episodes where we got a glimpse of the future that is now the past. It could be great telling some more modern stories and having the occasional one bump into history. Have Sam leap into someone involved in 9/11, keeping some survivors alive in the rubble long enough for FDNY to get to them. Loose Al’s terrible “future” wardrobe. Keep the glow-block hand interface for Ziggy.


      • Malone_hasco on

        MacGyver would be interesting to see I loved that show as a kid, but only if its down to earth kinda survival MacGyver. There would be too much temptation for tech nerd computer genius approach and those have done to death, nothing could be more tropey and boring than some hipster kid with amazing hacking skills. I want woodsman and action hero for once.

        • Yeah, that was my caveat about not being “tech-y.” Too much of that on right now and not nearly enough of it is good. I don’t know if I would go full on woodsman, but a serious science guy who is also a Hell of a handyman would be perfect. The kind of guy who got a couple of science degrees but took a ton of engineering classes too because they were interesting and then went and gutted his house down to studs and rebuilt it himself.

  6. Wild Wild West – the TV show – with anybody OTHER than Will Smith in the title role. Half the original show is in black and white. Also, due to budget constraints, they hardly ever showed the train after the pilot episode.
    Star Trek – TOS… This show was decades ahead of its time, but now it is finally decades behind the times. If they aren’t going to do a “Starfleet Academy” series, then Paramount ought to go back and start fresh. Next Gen, DS9 and Voyager were okay, but they often tried so hard to either “be” Star Trek or to “be different” from the TOS that they often suffered as a result. Not of one of the spin-off shows hold up as well after only a decade as the original series did after four decades – and let us never speak of the first season of Next Gen ever again.
    The Avengers – I have no idea who they could cast in the roles of John Steed and Emma Peel, but the concept is ripe for updating into a modern world, facing modern problems. The last three Bond movies have proven that you don’t need a Cold War for the spy genre to work.
    Combat – this was a great WWII series – but when was the last time there was a WWII series on TV? Side from mini-series like “Pearl”? Band of Brothers and The Pacific has proven there is still life in this old genre.

  7. Some great choices so far.

    I’d personally love to see an updated take on the original ’60s Mission: Impossible series. Pull a highly decorated skilled soldier off a current battlefield and straight into the Oval Office for an off-the-book, off-the-grid mission for the CiC (reporting only and directly to the Secretary (of State)), with a hand-chosen group of his own choosing, relying on their wits and abilities, and not a lot on gadgets and tech. Maybe an old girlfriend who’s now a skilled illusionist, who just turns out to be the daughter of Rollin Hand and Cinnamon Carter? An old high-school buddy who’s a whiz with electronics?

    Take M:I back to the mind-game show that it should be. The powers that be tried to recapture the magic in the ’80s, and more recently the formula was tweaked on shows like Leverage, White Collar and even Burn Notice. Get in, get the job done, and get out, without blowing anything up, shooting anyone yourself, and without the bad guys even knowing that you were there!! Thankfully, there has never been a true big screen version of Mission: Impossible, so the future is clear.

    Yes, the pseudo-Bourne movies starring Ethan Hunt were cute, but read my lips.. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A BIG SCREEN MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE MOVIE!! EVER!! IT NEVER HAPPENED!

    • I always viewed Leverage as the modern Mission: Impossible. The show had a lot of the same elements and feel. The only real difference was the scale. While Mission: Impossible was a government group stopping wars and toppling governments, Leverage was an independent group dealing with corporations and thieves. Otherwise, the shows are almost the same.


      • Yup!

        Leverage was a great show, especially as it allowed for decent character development, with Parker and Harrison in particular.

        And if anyone could create a decent M:I now, it would be Dean Devlin.

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