Today, I realized that April is the third anniversary of my taking over the not-quite-daily-but-except-Tuesday-and-when-I-miss-one MS-QOTD duties, a fact which seems literally impossible.  Of course, given that sometime this fall I will have been writing for Major Spoilers for NINE YEARS, with Stephen having been here even longer, two things are clear: Time is an illusion and we are getting really old. I clearly remember reading many of the comics of my youth, dating back to the early 1980s, and even where I was when I first saw The Black Hole.  (Spoiler: In a movie theatre.)  If I had my druthers, there are any number of shows and comic series that I’d like to read more of, from Strikeforce: Morituri to Houston Knights to the should-have-been-sequel to ‘The Warriors’, a film which is excellent, no matter what you may have heard from my colleagues.  Indeed, this is the perfect era to worry about it, as it seems EVERYTHING is making a comeback/reboot/relaunch/ill-advised network adaptation, which leads us to today’s retro query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is really hoping that rumored Strikeforce: Morituri revival actually happens, but is hoping even more that it doesn’t such, asking: What beloved property are you most hopeful will make a big-time successful comeback?


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  1. Jeez, this is hard. There are a lot of things I’d love to see return. “Farscape”, the “Stargate” franchise (preferably the SG-1 continuity, not the original movie continuity), “Forever Knight” (though I’d prefer a new series in the same setting rather than a pure continuation or reboot) and so many more.

    Highlander. It is a bit of a stretch, particularly considering just how bad most of the sequels and spinoffs were, but the setting is still one of my all-time favorites. They just need to keep things simple instead of trying to reinvent the wheel like they did in most of the sequels. Follow the stories of the immortal characters in present day (or close to it), throw in some flashbacks to previous points in their life and have them have a few cool sword fights, simple as that. Ideally, I’d prefer something like “Highlander: The Series” and see a new character as the focus rather than a reboot, and similar to the series, ignore the sequel movies (particularly the most recent one, “Highlander: The Source”, which is so bad it makes “Highlander 2” look appealing).

    Gargoyles (the Disney series). I know they did a comic continuation a few years back, but I’d love to see it return to TV (and, like the comic, mostly ignore the final season). It would be a great addition to the lineup of Disney XD to go alongside the Marvel cartoons and “Star Wars: Rebels”, and it would be fun to have a somewhat more serious (and a bit dark) series that both kids and adults could enjoy. They could even do a crossover with the Marvel cartoons (If Spidey can have a crossover with “Jessie”, a Gargoyles crossover wouldn’t be that far fetched. Heck, it would actually seem more plausible). Who knows, maybe they would also finally outright say that Lexington is gay (I’m not making that up).

    And I’d love to see a return to the setting of the “Alien Nation” film, TV series and made-for-TV movies. It was an interesting premise, and while we have seen some similar concepts in other works in recent years, none of them are quite like Alien Nation.

  2. Big Bad Beetleborgs. I haven’t seen it since it’s original run on Fox Kids in the mid 90’s, but I still remember liking it because the kids got to become their favorite superheroes( with the villains showing up too of course). And it was somewhat similar to Power Rangers at the time too. I wouldn’t mind another go round.

    • Last I checked, both seasons are up on Netflix (along with pretty much every other Saban series that used Japanese footage).

      Wasn’t a big fan of the series myself, but it was better than VR Troopers (they both used Metal Heroes footage the same way Power Rangers uses Super Sentai footage), and WAY better than Masked Rider (which used Kamen Rider footage).

      Shame that Bandai didn’t acknowledge it during the run of Power Rangers Super Megaforce toyline to bring the special non-Sentai Ranger Keys (from the crossover movies featuring Super Sentai, Metal Heroes and Kamen Rider) to the US and other countries (the Japanese released keys aren’t that easy or cheap to come by).

  3. I’m going to echo Alisha in that there needs to be more Greg Weisman Gargoyles in our lives. Be it comics, cartoons, or whatever.

    I’d love an honest revival of Hannah Barbara’s action blocks. Have it be an anthology of three seven minute shorts alternating between the Herculoids, Mighty Tor (even though I didn’t care for him), Space Ghost especially, and the rest. I thought we’d be getting something like that after a Batman Brave and the Bold episode, but ciest le vie.

  4. Most of them already did, to be honest. Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Ninja turtles, etc. Being an 80’s kid, several of the things I liked the most have already been remade, rebooted or continued, not always in the way Im happy about. I think the only one left is He-Man and The Masters of the Universe. I know theres a new comic book, but its not yet what I count as “big comeback”.

  5. Dan Langsdale on

    I think that Strikeforce: Morituri would make an excellent live-action production with today’s film-making capabilities. If DisMarvelney hadn’t already filled their film slate for the next century with MU super-heroes, I’d hope that they’d give this property a try for something not-so-connected project. They did it for Big Hero 6, but I wouldn’t want to go animated for S: M.

    And some dark back corner of my mind which probably shouldn’t be exposed to the light thinks that maybe soon will be the right time for an updating of The Greatest American Hero. Get a fresh new face in the “jammies,” possibly even one without a Y chromosome, and a good “straight man” government handler (I wonder if Steven Colbert would be up for it?) and we’re in business.

    • I almost listed The Greatest American Hero, too! I’d be happy with either a well done reboot OR a loose continuation where someone else has the suit (or a similar suit) in the original setting (maybe the original character with the suit left it somewhere or left it to someone when he died, or is a mentor to the new person or something).

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