I reviewed the first issue of this miniseries, and I now get to wrap things up by talking about its final issue! What a terrific ride it’s been!

The “Invasion America” story reaches its exciting conclusion as Agent Nick Morgan and his doppelgänger, Nicholas, race to prevent Mackenzie Cartwright from dropping the Rapture Device on “our” Washington, D.C. It’s a game-changing issue featuring triumph, tragedy, and a betrayal that will reveal the ultimate enemy of the multiverse.

Writer: Jeffrey Morris & Frederick Haugen
Artist: Christopher Jones
Publisher: FutureDude Entertainment
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Parallel Man: “After Mackenzie Cartwright recaptures the Rapture Device, the Ascendancy prepares to use it against our America to enslave the entire population. Nick Morgan saves Tobias and Nicholas, but at a terrible cost. Now the race is on as a squadron of Nomads heads to ‘our’ Washington, D.C., poised to strike.”


I’ve mentioned several times that I’m a big fan of science fiction. That intriguing question – What if? – just keeps pulling me into stories that explore what might be.

As I mentioned in this week’s Comics Portal column, alternate universes have been a staple in comics and sci-fi for decades. Marvel has had the Ultimate Universe and DC has Earth 2, for example. What’s fascinating about these Parallel Man universes is that there’s quite a nice variety among the various galaxies, with some more prehistoric in nature all the way through to the more scientifically advanced ones.

In my opinion, FutureDude Entertainment has definitely hit the ground running, aiming its sights on comics as well as video games and movies. While I’ve also enjoyed their Brainstorm as well, Parallel Man achieves the balance between character and action I find so admirable in comics.

Morris and Haugen have developed a multiverse that actually includes us, the “real,” one. I got a kick when “our” President Obama encountered another version of himself that he considered a coward. Given that some folks assign that attribute to “our” president, I found that quite an interesting plot twist.

But the most enjoyable part of this miniseries is how Nick, who is quite the action hero, is able to work with Nichols, his alternate-reality self who is better at video games than real-life combat. They’ve discovered they can work well together, and that makes me look forward to future adventures the two of them might share.

Unlike many other comics miniseries, this one ends up in a different place than where it started. I liked that! As satisfying as that was, just like with Nick and Nicholas, there are clearly more stories that can be told dealing with the Ascendancy and their attempts to control the multiverse. Can’t wait!


Christopher Jones completed a superb job of bringing the story to life on the printed page as well as in the digital format. From issue 1 to issue 7, I found myself turning the pages as quickly as possible to find out what was happening next!

As great as his facial expressions and dramatic sequences are, Jones does a particularly good job with action, in my opinion, making me gasp and say, “Whoa!” a lot of the time. But that doesn’t mean he can’t make similar characters different, such as Nicholas and Nick. I never had a problem figuring out just which one was which. Great job!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Parallel Man Has Been a Great Miniseries!

If you haven’t had the chance to get into Parallel Man, I highly recommend you check out digital websites like comixology.com or by stopping by your local comics shop!  The twists and turns are amazing, and if you also enjoy science fiction, you’ll want to catch up on this book as quickly as you can!

To learn more about FutureDude Entertainment and Parallel Man, go to the FutureDude Entertainment website! You’ll find a lot about this book and its related video games, Brainstorm and Oceanus, their upcoming major motion picture, when you go there!


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