Thanks to the massive amounts of money made by Avengers and Guardians Of The Galaxy, there are about to be a lot of superheroes on television and it seems like most of them are produced by Greg Berlanti. With Flash, Arrow and an as-yet-seemingly-unnamed teamup series on the CW and Supergirl on CBS, fans are wondering if the different networks will alow the shows to share a universe. (And by fans, I mean “Stephen and I.”) While I’m all for a shared universe, the biggest sticking point might be Supergirl herself, with her ties to Superman and a greater Kryptonian mythos (though we don’t yet know how much of that will make it to TV) which leads us to today’s brave and bold query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is actually uncertain on this one, as the shared universe concept might stretch somewhat thin over four potential series, asking: Assuming they can work out the Flash-Arrow/Supergirl crossover between networks, would you be super-psyched to see the superhero worlds collide?


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  1. Why couldn’t they work it out? CW and CBS are pretty much related networks (The C in CW is for CBS, the W for Warner).

    I’m not entirely sure they SHOULD make this a shared universe, but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be crossovers. Just bring the multiverse idea to TV and have one of them be like Earth-2 or Earth-16 or something (not directly tied to the comic numbering, just a general use of the idea). They have made mention of multiple timelines/dimensions/etc. in the setting a few times already, so it wouldn’t be that far fetched.

  2. I want nothing more than a shared universe. The CW’s expanding universe is exciting and we’re getting to the point where we really get to explore how the average man on the street reacts to a world of superheroes, how they slowly permeate the mainstream. Every time a new series STARTS, we have to watch seasons of origins and shock value stories and it’s a while before the dust settles from the introduction of metas into that universe. I want the dust settled. I don’t want the dust to keep rising over the same kind of thing over and over again. I want new dust.

    I have messed up this metaphor quite terribly. Erm. Sorry.

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