WonderCon is done, but the Internet is still abuzz over the news and tid-bits of information that dropped during the CW The Flash panel on Sunday. We’ve culled the information into a list of the top ten things revealed at the panel!


“WTF is The Red Bee?” you ask. The Red Bee is the name of not one but TWO superheroes from the golden age of comics – Quality Comics that is. Red Bee first appeared in July 1940 and later obtained by DC Comics in 1956. While we could focus on Richard Raleigh, the original Red Bee, I’m gonna bet the CW goes with Jenna Raleigh, Rick’s grandneice who donned the costume (this time as a mechanized battle suit) and along with two robotic bees that fire electricity, she fights SHADE as part of the Freedom Fighters.


What’s the correct way to pronounce Ra’s al Ghuls name? The Batman: The Animated Series had it one way, while Christopher Nolan’s films have it pronounced a totally different way. So why do they pronounce it both ways on Arrow?

According to Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg “what we decided is that if you’re [allied with the character], you call him ‘Raysh’, and if not, you call him ‘Rahs.’”



When will Laurel Lance get her Canary Cry? It’s gonna happen in The Flash, and Cisco will be the one that helps her develop the Canary Cry that we are very familiar with from the comic book series.


We will get to see the real Harrison Wells and the Real Eobard Thawne once again before the season ends.

“You’ll be seeing more of the original Harrison Wells, you’ll be seeing more of Matt Letscher as Eobard Thawne, and more of Tom as Eobard Thawne.”


According to the panel members, there was a wedding scene between Caitlin and Ronnie that was filmed on April Fool’s Day, how that plays into our number five is still up in the air, but I bet it has something to do with our number four big reveal.


We’ve been anticipating Caitlin Snows transformation from timid science genius to flipped out villain who slings ice for some time now, and according to Danielle Panabaker, the flip to Killer Frost may happen sooner than later.


Remember some of those big reveals that happened in episode 15? Some of those may still bubble to the surface before the season is out. Does this mean Cisco is still gonna die? It was revealed that Iris will find out who is under the mask (again), but what will happen then? Fire up your Speculation Engines and fill in that comment section below.


Sadly, it doesn’t look like we’ll see Mirror Master this season, but it looks like we’ll get to see either Sam Scudder or Evan McCulloch next year as the Rogues Gallery continues to grow. Also mentioned in the villain lineup to appear next year is Dr. Alchemy.

“If there’s something that existed in the Flash universe, no matter how crazy or how silly, there’s a good chance it’ll be on the show.”


We know that the spin-off series between Arrow and The Flash is in the works, and that Rip Hunter, Hawkgirl, The Atom, and more are expected to be regulars, but how far are they gonna push the show?

“It’s going to be like the crossovers every week. It’s going to be gonzo.” Kreisberg said. The spinoff will be “insanity and off the rails,” and the next seasons of “Flash” and “Arrow” will both work to set up the spinoff.


Apparently no one noticed that the Flash logo on the chest of the Flash who fought The Reverse Flash on the night Barry’s mother died was a white logo instead of the red one we have seen since episode one. Is this the same Barry Allen, or a Flash from a different timeline?


It was strongly hinted that we may see an alternate timeline where Barry’s mother was not killed.

It looks like The Flash panel was THE Panel to be at at WonderCon. If you were there, share your excitement and room reactions during the panel.

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  1. I’m so happy someone else noticed the white emblem on The Flash’s suit. I commented on it in a few places and was told I was wrong. Nope. Watch the episode again. I can’t believe so few people picked up on it. I hope they change that thing sooner than later. It’s part of the iconic Flash suit and really does need to be there. I also hope they add more classic details to the suit soon. I really want to see that thing looking more like the comics. Not because I’m a purist. I’m far from it. I’ve gotten a lot of crap for saying the TV shows’ costumes are far better and that the comics are silly and that’s why people don’t read them, in fact. But the gold lightning on the suit looks a lot better than what we have now. The suit is kind of lame. And the red emblem just doesn’t look very good. I think it should be white. And I’m hoping after Flashpoint it will be. Flashpoint should be the title of the finale or the season two premiere, I think.

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