Adam West and Burt Ward announced in a video that dropped yesterday at fans of the Batman ’66 television series can look forward to an upcoming 90 minute animated movie with the stars returning to voice their respective roles as Batman and Robin. The film is set to be released next year. It has yet to be confirmed whether or not any other original Batman ’66 cast member will be reprising their roles.


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  1. I don’t know yet if I’m excited about this or not. It has the potential to go either way depending on how it looks, what kind of story they do, etc.

    But I’m hoping it will be a great fun and cheesy story that feels like the series did.

  2. I would be thrilled if this was an actual live action TV show. With right actors and good writing it could be pure gold. Yeah, like that would ever happen in current Grimdark Batgod(TM) mindset.

  3. Well if their voices still up it should turn out pretty good. I know Adam West has still been voicing batman as recently as 2005 with Batman: New Times (a cgi short film with Mark Hamill as The Joker) & in 2014 with a bonus level in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham reprising his ’66 role. Looking forward to it.

    • Not to mention all his other voice work, including several roles that were an homage to his role as Batman (my favorite being The Gray Ghost/Simon Trent from B:TAS).

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