During the week, my family’s complicated staging procedure makes mornings complicated, leaving my usual breakfast as something starchy with peanut butter and the life-giving nectar that is Monster Rehab Rojo Tea.  On the weekends, though, I have a tendency to go nuts, enjoying a nice omelette with my Monkees reruns or listening to Critical Hit with a mess of peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes.  My friend Karl swears by cold pizza and orange juice, while my wife just needs coffee in a container large enough to have its own undertow.  While it can be tricky to read comics while eating a breakfast burrito, it’s the kind of sacrifice I’m willing to make for the good of my brain and/or stomach, which leads us to today’s query, part of your nutritious breakfast…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) realizes that you can always tell when I’m hungry while writing, but even Hellboy knows the wonder of pancakes, asking: What’s the greatest breakfast combination for you?


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    • Minus the tea, that is what I always had when I had to go to St. Jude in Memphis for my yearly long-term follow up checkups. Nobody at home made food like that, and I wasn’t allowed to use the stove (even into my 20’s, I still wasn’t allowed to use the stove until I moved into my own place), so I looked forward to that breakfast pretty much the whole year.

  1. Blueberry pancakes & sausage patties. Yuuummm.

    Barring that, whatever happens to be the cheapest at the time on McDonald’s morning menu with hot chocolate (never cared for coffee).

    • Clubberlang6 on

      I do not like hot coffe eitherand prefer Hot chocolate.I used to eat a chocolate chip muffin and hot chocolate at Dunkin donuts every day, but I got too big eating all that.

        • Wish I did. Between my already high metabolism and some of my medications, I can’t seem to gain any weight and am often scolded (by doctors, by complete strangers, etc) for being “dangerously thin”, but I eat about twice the amount what most of my friends will (I’m like The Flash without the benefit of super speed). I’d love to be able to at least put a little meat on my bones so people stop thinking I’m anorexic or something.

          • TheWolverine on

            Sounds like one of the guys that I care for at my job in an Adult Foster Care home. He’s got a very quick metabolism with a strong appetite and hasn’t gained any weight in years. He’s got a whole lot of medical problems( some pretty bad) and food allergies but, he’s also the most happy and joyful man you’d ever meet.
            Plus, just yesterday he celebrated his 89th birthday. He’s continuing to surprise doctors and us every year.

  2. I have a few preferences depending on how I feel, how my stomach feels (Have to be careful with some of my stomach issues) and such.

    My absolute favorite breakfast is a tie between good old fashioned biscuits and gravy OR sunny side up eggs with toast and bacon (lots and lots of bacon!). Cold leftover pizza works when I’m in a hurry (it also makes a good snack during the day), and when my stomach is really being fussy, just plain toast with a tiny bit of butter and honey roasted peanut butter.

    However, there is still some charm in a nice bowl of sugary cereal, particularly when sitting in front of the TV with my friend’s kids watching cartoons. Frosted Flakes, Crunchberries, Honey Nut Cheerios (which I also like to eat dry as a snack) or Fruity Pebbles are always great. Sadly, my favorite cereals (the “Monster” cereals like Count Chocula and Frankenberry) are only sold in my area around Halloween.

    • TheWolverine on

      Yummy Yummy Yummy. Whenever I see or read about some good tasty food I automatically get The Ohio Express song in my head. Very nice.

  3. Silver dollar pancakes – thin ones, like even a modest eater can eat at least a dozen and not feel stuffed; breakfast sausage; syrup of choice; orange juice.

    It’s much more work than the daily standby: bagel with pepperoni and five year old cheddar (Yay Wisconsin cheese!)

  4. Belgian waffle topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream (no syrup or powdered sugar) with a side order of bacon. It’s both good and bad for you at the same time.

  5. Eggs Benedict – soft poached eggs and the ham substituted with real crispy bacon plus a nice cold chocolate milk. mmmm.

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