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Writer: Kurt Busiek
Artist: Benjamin Dewey
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
SOLICITATION: The conspirators make their move, but the Champion has a few surprises for them.

ASHLEY: Busiek has the best sword and sorcery book on the rack AND it’s populated with an anthropomorphic cast! I can’t wait to learn more about the nature of their magic and watch Dunstan the dogboy grow up over the course of this series.

GEORGE: This series blows me away with each issue. Busiek is on point, Dewey’s hitting ‘em out of the park, it’s great, it’s great, it’s great. And this issue’s got bats, man.


Writers: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Michael Broussard
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
SOLICITATION: Captain Midnight is on the hunt in Arcadia, but vigilante hero X doesn’t tolerate trespassers in his city especially when mayhem tends to follow close behind. But when the high-flying hero finds the Archon’s archnemesis, the Mark, he learns the height of peril presented by the world’s most dangerous man.

WAYNE: Everybody’s always vying for the “best superhero comic” around. I like this revamp of the classic hero because it keeps me guessing from month to month. This is the third part of a story, so it may not be the best time to jump on, but it’s usually pretty easy to pick up what’s happening. Great book!

Writer: Becky Cloonan
Artist: Karl Kerschl
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
SOLICITATION: Holy cow, it’s Taco Tuesday! Oh…and Olive battles Batman!

ASHLEY: Gotham Academy is amazing! Gotham and magic and white hair, oh my! Becky Cloonan and Karl Kerschl produce a truly unique story that is easily the most beautiful story DC publishes.

STEPHEN: Look at the title of this book. That is all you need to know; when you see the title you buy the book. You buy the book, you take it home and read it. You take it home and read it, and joy returns to your heart… your dark, dark heart.

WAYNE: This book is a highlight of my comics month, so I can’t wait for it to arrive! I consider it a “Young Adult” book for all ages, and it takes place in Gotham, so I enjoy it. Also, Batman appears in this issue, so be sure to pick it up!

Jem_01-prjpg_Page1JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS #1
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Sophie Campbell
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: SHOWTIME, SYNERGY! Meet JERRICA BENTON—a girl with a secret. She and her sister KIMBER team with two friends to become… JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS! But what does it mean to be JEM today? Fashion, art, action, and style collide in the most outrageous comic of 2015!

MATTHEW: Rock and roll plus weird glowy super-powers? Of course I’m in on this one, and you oughta be, too.

Miami Vice_1_coverMIAMI VICE REMIX #1
Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Jim Mahfood
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: Iconoclastic creators Joe Casey and Jim Mahfood turn the world of Miami Vice on its head in a way that’s got to be seen to be believed! Detectives Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs are taking on crime in a city rampant with danger at every turn! An ’80s classic is now a Lion Forge reimagining for a bold, new audience!

CHRIS: I’ve got my collar popped and my aviator sunglasses on for this one. Miami Vice mixed with Joe Casey and Jim Mahfood? Sold!

MULTIV_ULTRA_1_54874ac1eeebb2.52993932pickoftheweekMULTIVERSITY ULTRA COMICS #1
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Christian Alamy, Doug Mahnke
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $4.99
SOLICITATION: The penultimate chapter of the greatest adventure in DC’s history is here! The acclaimed FINAL CRISIS team of Grant Morrison and Doug Mahnke reunite for a story so big it could only take place in the real world – that’s right, Earth-33 is back! With the Multiverse under attack, a team of scientists create one final savior to take on the otherworldly threat…and its name is Ultra Comics! Literally held in your hands, one being will attempt to halt the annihilation of creation – and you, the reader, will have a front-row seat as you become an integral part of the resistance! It’s another exciting, experimental story told by two of today’s top creators! You won’t want to miss this exciting issue which acts as chapter eight of THE MULTIVERSITY storyline!

CHRIS: I’m excited, bummed and terrified for Grant Morrison’s ending to Multiversity. While I can’t wait to see how it ends, I’m bummed because I want more. This could be an ongoing with DC just letting Morrison loose but that’s a pipe dream I suppose. My terror stems from worry that the ending will be a huge let down or that me reading this issue will destroy the Multiverse. If I had to pick, I’d rather it be the latter.

GEORGE: Still not sure where Multiversity is going, but with Grant Morrison, that’s neither surprising nor a problem. Also, apparently reading this comic might kill me (or the world?) but I’m willing to take the risk.

MATTHEW: If anyone could bring back the Multiverse, it’s Morrison, and he may be the only modern writer I trust to do the whole “Earth-Prime” thing in a way that isn’t precious and horrid. I’ve enjoyed every chapter so far, even the one that was a long Who’s Who-style guidebook, so I’m definitely in for this one…

STEPHEN: Wow. So Scare. What is Happening? So Hip.

pastawaysPASTAWAYS #1
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Scott Kolins
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: 2015: the distant past. A crash landing strands five deep-time explorers in a primitive world of internal-combustion engines and Internet 1.0 and tears a rift in space-time that spouts dinosaurs, giant robots, and other strange phenomena! Only the marooned “PastAways” can defend the twenty-first century, unless the tensions of their unexpectedly prolonged mission tear them apart!

GEORGE: Dinosaurs, giant robots, time travel and Matt Kindt. So that’s a winning combination. No joke though, I keep reading the title and thinking it’s a cooking comic.

WAYNE: I enjoy both Mr. Kindt’s writing and Mr. Kolins’ art, and reading a sci-fi time-travel series by them is a real treat! Now’s the perfect time to start with this book, so I highly recommend buying it!

Rumble_4_coverRUMBLE #4
Writer: John Arcudi
Artist: James Harren
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $3.50
SOLICITATION: The return of Cogan! The one-armed man finally returns to answer your questions about this strange new world over a couple of stiff drinks. Also, Del the loveable skinhead prepares Rathraq (and himself) for war against an army of monsters. But can they even get past one?

CHRIS: Describing what Rumble is about is difficult because I’m not sure I understand everything that’s happening. I will tell you all you need to know: It has a scarecrow with a gigantic sword fighting monsters and amazing artwork. Even with the confusing nature of the story it’s still a hoot to read and one of the best looking books out now.

Writer: Scott Mairghread
Artist: Sarah Stone
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: THE WAR BEGINS! The first strike in COMBINER WARS is against WINDBLADE’S homeworld-and she’s not happy about it! Her long- lost CYBERTRONIAN colony is found and the only thing that can protect it is SUPERION. But whose side will win?

CHRIS: If you don’t understand why transforming robots that combine into larger robots is awesome, then you’re dead inside. Everyone else should really read this.

Wayward06A-585x900-webWAYWARD #6
Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Steven Cummings
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $3.50
SOLICITATION: IMAGE’S SUPERNATURAL SENSATION CONTINUES! The second story arc begins! After the traumatizing finale of the previous issue, everything has changed. Who is Ohara and how does she fit into the great pattern of destiny and power? ‘It’s not fluke. Wayward is one of the best new titles of the year.’ – Comic Book Bin

ASHLEY: Jim Zub writes awesome teenaged female protagonists and has infused Wayward with some of the most interesting aspects of traditional Japanese storytelling. This series is consistently awesome!

WickedDivine_09WICKED & DIVINE #9
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Jamie McKelvie
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $3.50
SOLICITATION: It’s time for a private audience with Anake, she who has protected and judged the Pantheon for thousands of years. Yes, it’s time for an interview… with an umpire. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Also: Baphomet being all goth and having a nice little mope.

MATTHEW: Gillen & McKelvie’s world is full of cool imagery and offbeat characters, with an emphasis on reflecting the superstar mentality. It’s a beautiful, fun little book, and I’m going to keep telling you that.


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