I’ll let you in on the most poorly kept secrets of Major Spoilers: I would rather read four bad El Aguila stories than another half-hearted or mediocre Batman tale. Not that there’s anything wrong with Batman, but because there are so few El Aguila tales to be had, the next one could easily be the best one ever! It can be a tough life, championing the less popular characters. You get called contrarian a lot, and you learn to hate the term “third-stringers”, especially from people who have no basis to hate a given character other than a point-and-laugh blog they once read. Sometimes one has to take the metaphorical road less traveled and live with the metaphorical poison ivy, which leads us to today’s non-metaphorical query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) could probably answer this question for three hours without a problem, asking: What underused character is inexplicably among your favorites?


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  1. I have a fondness for silly characters that exist in a universe of mostly serious heroes, with it being rare that any of them play any big roles (like Plastic Man or Ambush Bug) unless they are a villain (like Impossible Man or Mr. Mxyzptlk).

    While he’s gotten a bit more love in recent years, co-starring in an episode of “Batman: The Brave and The Bold” and returning to the DCU for some appearances, I still can’t help but love the strange Green Lantern G’Nort. I still think he should get his own all-ages series that takes place within the DCU and has him teaming up with various heroes (ranging from big names to “Who the heck is that?”) and getting into humorous situations.

    Similarly, I like Marvel’s character Slapstick, who had this strange ability to turn into a living cartoon character. He’s made some minor appearances (he took part in Civil War, The Initiative and Heroic Age that I know of), but he hasn’t really been a major factor in anything for a good while.

    And a little different, I also quite like the Super Sentai character AkaRed (embodiment of all the Sentai Red warriors), who has thus far only appeared during the 30th and 35th anniversaries of the franchise (though he did play a larger role in the 35th anniversary as he was part of Captain Marvelous’s old pirate gang in Gokaiger and showed up a few times in the series). Granted, he’s not so much underused as he was deliberately created to be a character tied to the anniversary, but I still wouldn’t mind seeing more of him. Maybe the next anniversary season will place him in the mentor role to the new team.

  2. Malone_hasco on

    I say Citizen/Captain/Commander Steel. He was great in JSA Next Age and Thy Kingdom Come, easily best of the young members alongside Stargirl. He also got awesome new costume in New 52 and they did nothing with him.

  3. I have a great fondness for Tenzil Kem [Matter Eater Lad] and Chuck Taine [Bouncing Boy], especially Tenzil Kem from Legion 5 years later.

  4. I really would have liked to have seen a one-shot or mini-series featuring The Misfits: The Spectacular Spider-Kid, Frog-Man, and the Toad. I think they had some surprising potential as a comedic team, as they were always getting on Spidey’s nerves. And hell, Frog-Man himself saved Spidey and Human Torch from the Speed Demon in an issue of Marvel Team-Up…by accident, of course, but still!

    Have “Superior Foes Of Spider-Man”‘s Nick Spencer writing it, and Steve Lieber on art, and that’s an absolute must-buy for me!

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