Gecco Corp., has sculpted a sixth scale statue of The Black Swordsman “Guts” from the Berserk manga series, and it is arriving in the United States in September.

Berserk is a dark fantasy comic created by Kentaro Miura and tells the revenge story of the one-eyed and one-armed swordsman, “Guts,” who wields a giant sword measuring almost his height. The popular title has been adapted into a variety of different media, from TV anime series, to films, trading cards and more. It won the prestigious comics excellence award of 6th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2002.

This statue captures the motif of Guts’ fierce battles against the demons in “Retribution Arc: Lost Children.”

Shinya is a professional sculptor, known for his incredible technique and talent to recreate textures in his sculptures. His subject matter ranges from real life celebrities to imaginary creatures and original designs. Shinya always captures the true essence of his subjects breathing life into his three dimensional forms.

A long time fan of “Berserk” Shinya has sculpted many characters under his private brand, “HEADLONG.” His Berserk statues have been supported by fans and collectors around the world, and now with the release of this statue a lifelong dream has come true.

The Black Swordsman “Guts” is recreated as a huge 1/6 scale figure.
The powerful stance captures the attitude of the character, his giant sword “Dragonslayer” resting on his shoulder.
His freshly used sword, along with the slain bodies on the base below, create a tense atmosphere.

  • There are 2 heads included, capturing both “glaring” and “sneering” portraits.
  • “The Brand of Sacrifice” is carved into the back of his neck.
  • All the textures of the gadgets are sculpted in exacting detail.
  • Details as subtle as the hidden crossbow in the mantle were sculpted with the greatest of care, making no compromises.
  • The “Apostle Spawn” cruelly slain, liter the base, a far contrast to the adorable “Puck” and “Behelit” hiding inside the swordsman’s pouch helps express the world of Berserk.

guts-00 guts-01 guts-02 guts-03 guts-04 guts-05 guts-06 guts-07 guts-08 guts-09 guts-10 guts-11 guts-12 guts-13 guts-14 guts-15 guts-16 guts-17 guts-18 guts-19 guts-20 guts-21 guts-22 guts-23 guts-24 guts-25 guts-26 guts-27 guts-28 guts-29 guts-30

The figure is made from ABS/PVC and will set you back $339.00.


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