This week proved a happy one for me as, after a couple of weeks absence from FamilyNet’s Saturday morning lineup, The Monkees returned to my TV life.  While I’m not old enough to remember the show in its heyday, but I loved it on MTV in 1986, and I really like introducing my kid to something that’s too old for BOTH of us but still super-cool.  If I were to start my own channel tomorrow, I’d want The Monkees as a key part of that programming, and I might enjoy doing something with the massive but mostly-unused Hanna-Barbera library.  With that kind of stuff in play, I might as well go whole hog with my Classic Saturday Morning TV channel and get me some Krofft and Filmation properties too, leading us to today’s old-school query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always,”misquoted”) enjoys entertaining the children with the silly ephemera of my pop culture youth, especially when my daughter complains about bad CGI in pre-CGI shows, asking: What retro entertainment would you want to anchor your own theoretical channel?


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  1. Is it any surprise I choose Super Sentai and other similar series (like old Ultraman, Kamen Rider and TOEI Spider-Man)?

    Either that or Star Trek TOS (and possible the animated series).

      • Ultraman is great choice! Its the first Japanese pop culture I’ve ever seen, although I had no idea where it was from, only that it felt so different to usual (american) stuff I had seen.

        It was around mid 80’s, there was this cafeteria nearby in my hometown that got satellite tv and they showed various children’s programming in there. I was really young kid, like 5 years old, but I still remember how I bought soda with pocket money from my dad and watched those shows every now and then. This different looking superhero caught my attention, even if I had no idea who he was and what was going on (english isnt my first language and I couldnt read much yet) but from all the shows, like G.I. Joe and He-Man (he was my favorite in action figures, btw) and such, it was this quite strange looking guy who stuck to my mind for years.

        I might have heard the name Ultraman somewhere at that time, but it was years after these events until I finally figured out who and where Ultraman was from and what was going on with him. One of my earliest pop culture memories.

  2. TheWolverine on

    Well, thankfully I don’t have to think about it to hard because I’ve got some pretty good local Retro stations to watch.

    On Saturday mornings It’s RetroTV with: He-Man, She-Ra, BraveStarr, Mr. Magoo, The Secrets of Isis( witch had a bunch of guest appearances by Captain Marvel) and the original Lassie.

    Then I switch it to MeTV on Saturday night for: Superman(George Reeves), Batman(Adam West), Wonder Woman(Lynda Carter), Star Trek TOS, Svengoolie( a hosted show with old movies), Lost in Space, and lastly Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

    I don’t recall right off which station it is but, one of them also has The Monkees along with the Sid & Marty Krofft shows. And unless they changed it RetroTV had the Green Hornet at sometime as well, but I think it was on Sunday.

    So as for my channel I’m pretty well covered especially since both Netflix & Hulu have the other animated & live action shows from the 80’s & 90’s that I like, and of course YouTube to finish anything off. My my, what an era to live in.

        • Malone_hasco on

          My best option is UK Amazon, either used DVD copies or video on demand. I have no idea why its so hard to get.

          • TheWolverine on

            I hope you can find it somewhere. Ebay might be another way to go.
            When you come across it some stand out episodes are “The Stolen Costume” from the first season & “Panic in the Sky” from the second season. I don’t know if you have access to Netflix, but they have it on DVD as well.
            Best of luck.

            • Malone_hasco on

              Thanks for the tip. We got Netflix here in Finland, but selection is nowhere near U.S. one. There are ways around it, but its a bit too much of a hassle to set proxy servers and stuff for one TV show. I’ll find a way eventually, just need to consider my options a little.

  3. I’d like to see the old zorro show up on a channel. I remember really enjoying zorro on Disney as a kid and the old Walt Disney cartoons.

  4. I’ve often thought of what my dream line-up would be if I ever had the chance to program a classic TV station for a day…I really can’t pick just one particular show though, so here’s my top 5 list of must-see TV.

    The Munsters
    Get Smart
    Batman (Adam West)
    The Monkees
    Gilligan’s Island

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