With the massive success (read that as: *$$$*) that the original ‘Lord Of The Rings’ trilogy had, it was only natural that Hollywood types would start thinking in terms of everything being a massive multi-picture movie event, even expanding The Hobbit to the point where new story was invented on the fly to get enough material for three flicks.  Some fans have complained, but I can see the advantage of knowing that your movie story is going to have a lot of room to breathe.  Imagine if ‘Mystery Men’ was the first part of a franchise that eventually brought us to the glorious appearance of Flaming Carrot on the big screen, or if Blast Hardcheese was given a return in ‘Space Mutiny II: Bob Johnson Returns’…  What if there had been a sequel to ‘The Matrix,’ a film that ended and never had any lesser sequels to ruin it all la la la la I can’t hear yoooou, which leads us to today’s extended-cut query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is still waiting for the big budget, three-picture reboot of ‘The Black Hole’ with Cumberland Bandersmack voicing V.I.N.Cent., asking: What story do you think has the most potential to be expanded into an epic sweeping trilogy event?


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  1. Instead of grimdark Warner could do positive and inspiring trilogy of All-Star Superman. It has at least as much material as three previous movies combined.

  2. Personally, I need a final Hell Boy. We’ve been told he’s responsible for the end of the world or something, we need to see that play out. But I believe the correct answer to this question has always been Goonies.

  3. The Straight Story. Three movies about a man riding his lawnmower across 3 states would be movie decompression at its finest. NOT.

  4. A Transformers trilogy unconnected to the existing films that focuses on pre-war Cybertron and the early days of the Autobot/Decepticon war, leading up to the third movie that ends with the destruction of Cybertron and the two factions heading out into the universe.

    And for the love of Primus, DO NOT let Michael Bay touch it! Don’t even let him LOOK at it!

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