With Daredevil poised to hit Netflix and Marvel poised to develop their streaming properties there are lot of exciting possibilities for characters and teams to come to the small screen that didn’t exist even two year ago.

With that in mind, Major Spoilers humbly present you with Top 5 Comic Properties Marvel Needs to Develop for Netflix:




“But, there’s going to be a Defenders series!” Sure, that’s awesomely well and good, but imagine this as the first team-up between Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones, very street level and using Jessica’s office they create Heroes for Hire as an agency to bring in some more money, pay their bills and tackle the tough-as-nails cases that Jessica’s normal detective-ing is not poised to handle.

There’s even the opportunity to go a little lighter and sillier, heck, throw a “Sweet Christmas!” in there, before Defenders sweeps in and treats the characters with a lot more grit and grime.



#4. FF – the Future Foundation

Yup! All the weird alien kids! Do the Future Foundation as an animated series in Mike Allred’s style from the most recent Marvel series and keep it real kid friendly. You can have the Fantastic Four cameo, but the series is really about the truly alien qualities each character possesses and the strange, though genuine, interactions that they share as they all try to grow together.

… and, yes, Marvel does not currently own the Future Foundation because they fall into the Fantastic Four camp, but this is a dream list.




The original team for this Thunderbolts series. Live action cast full of unknowns who can do most of their own stunts. The Thunderbolts can come across Heroes for Hire and we can have a crossover turf war between the two series in a big finale event.

Thunderbolts would give Marvel a chance to move toward the grim and gritty where the Future Foundation welcomes levity.




Right, Marvel doesn’t own X-Statix because they are an extension of the X-Men properties, but leaving that aside, I really think X-Statix is a truly strange series that could spread its wings and soar on Netflix as opposed to in a cinematic release.

Characters like Doop, for example, could be an accessible character to viewers of all ages and would provide ground for crossovers with the Future Foundation television show if it were also presented in an animated style. X-Statix would also allow the weird characters to show up – like Man-Thing … no seriously.


Young Avengers


Much like Thunderbolts, my caveat is that this show be with the original team as opposed to the All New Marvel Now incarnation, with the second caveat that we throw in Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel in order to get an additional female on the team and a female who is a person of colour.

Young Avengers as a superhero team meets team drama would fill a market that Netflix original content is not paying any real attention to that has such a wealth of strong material to pull from. Plus, if the character really take, there’s always the opportunity to move those actors playing those same characters into whatever Avengers movie is on the horizon.



Which Marvel property would you like to see get the Netflix treatment? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ashley Victoria Robinson is a Canadian girl by day and Robin by night. She lives in Los Angeles now and stars as Ensign Williams in THE RED SHIRT DIARIES, co-hosts the GEEK HISTORY LESSON podcast and writes for Top Cow.


  1. Robert Sauer II on

    The Avengers Initiative would be great to see. Newer heroes being trained by some of the Avengers elder statesmen, especially in the wake of the Superhero Registration Act after the Civil War.

  2. This one was harder than I thought. Most of my favorite Marvel Properties are already being created. But I came up with a few anyway. I know that there is a general dislike for 1990s Marvel (specifically X-Men), but I turned 10 in 1990 and 20 in 2000, so this is the decade that I was primarily reading comics. Now I do the best I can to keep up with everything. And only succeed because of Major Spoilers.

    5- Doom 2099 — Use to Love this mini series as well. Cool to see a future Doom who works on the opposite side of the veil from his ancestor. But if we are going to do Doom 2099 than we can’t forget…

    4- X-men 2099 — Cool connections to the current Avengers and X-Men, it would be sweet to see this on the small screen.

    3- Venom — Good old Eddie Brock in the Alien Symbiote would be fun (I loved the 90s mini series), but for this one, I think Flash Thompson’s US Government Agent version would be the story line of choice. Lots of gunfire and some great scenes out of costume dealing with his handicap. I think today’s audience would appreciate some good old fashioned shoot em up scenes — but I don’t want to bring back the Punisher. Too many bad memories (sorry Dolph).

    2- Silver Surfer– I know that we got to see Fox’s rendition of this character, and it was awesome to hear Laurence Fishburne provide Chrome Head’s voice. But it would be great to see Norin Radd having to deal with his confinement to earth after being a universe traveling Herald of Galactus. Add some humor as he learns how to mix in with the human population kind of a mix between ‘Star Man’ and ‘How I met your Mother’. This would be a great common thread for all the Marvel Stories coming out nowadays.

    1- Age Of Apocalypse or X-Man — This one would be very difficult to pull off. Crazy sets (instead of green screen) and some serious special effects. But I love the story line and the new treatment of old characters. Which is why it might be better to just focus on X-Man and the other baddies that survived the crossover.

  3. I would like to say Ghost Rider, but I don’t know if audiences would give it another chance. Other properties I would like to see would be MI-13, She-Hulk, Runaways, and Moonknight. She-Hulk especially because I would love to see this character exist in the MCU some how. Maybe a small cameo in Daredevil as Jennifer Walters at the very lease? Hopefully Marvel will do something meaningful with these characters in the future, whether it be through Netflix or other means.

  4. Much as I’d love to see Ms. Marvel come to TV or Movies, I don’t think they’ll be able to touch her until the Captain Marvel movie introduces the character that inspires Kamala to take the name.

  5. ” with the second caveat that we throw in Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel in order to get an additional female on the team and a female who is a person of colour.”

    The MCU hasn’t exactly followed the race of the source characters to a T in some cases, so why start now? I definitely think they should bring her in as she is, or if they ever touch Miles Morales that he should be kept as he is, but there are plenty of white-ish characters that I don’t think need to be white if they made an MCU adaptation. For a number of characters, I can’t see that a change of a white character to another ethnicity would hurt the character’s story. Heck, there are even a few characters that I could see changing not only skin color, but gender as well, and it would still work. It wouldn’t work for every character, of course, but there are plenty of options out there that I think it would work for.

  6. Ryan 'Halite' King on

    Actually, Marvel can use Xmen or Fantastic Four characters for television, since their contracts with Sony/Fox are around distribution rights of movies, not other medium.

    I doubt they would want to have any major Xmen or FF characters on TV that they could not include in the greater MCU, but that doesn’t mean that an XForce or XStatix TV show that characters stayed out of movies couldn’t work.

    • Or if the characters are tied to more than one franchise, like how they were able to use Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch at the same time a different take on Quicksilver appeared in a recent X-film. They could use a little creativity and have a few select characters make a cameo in another film while keeping the other characters off the big screen through any number of plausible explanations.

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