This week, the Sony PlayStation Network debuted ‘Powers’, a show adapted from Brian Bendis & Michael Oeming’s comic book of the same name, a book which was once on my fave-rave list. When the news came that Powers was being adapted, I was excited but unsure of how I could actually view the series, as I’m not a PlayStation Plus subscriber. (In case you’re interested, episodes can be streamed on a PlayStation or other web-type device for a small fee.) Much like those who don’t want to shell out for HBO just to watch ‘Game Of Thrones’, I was uncertain about having to sign up for an entire service for that one show, which leads us to today’s combo platter query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is going to be looking into the new Yahoo thing for ‘Community’ this weekend, asking: Would you be willing to go and subscribe to a new service/channel to watch Powers (or any show you suspect you would like?)


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  1. For a single show? I don’t think so, especially if I just suspect. If I knew I’d love it and I’d get my money’s worth of content I’d be in. I’m a huge soccer fan, so I added the soccer channel to our subscription. But that gives me 7 or more hours of content a week I watch.

  2. The question iust too broad. It would depend on the price, can I just drop out of the service once I’m donde with powers, is there anything else on this service? If it justs costs 5 bucks and I can just drop the service after, sure! But a year contract for just a tv series, no.
    You have to remember, this series comes on top of all the other perks of the PSN, and it is a great differentiator against the Xbox Gold wich offers almost the same, but no Powers. Is Powers keeps it up and gets picked up for season 2, it could well be a factor in me choosing my next console.

  3. I actually finally got Netflix for almost that very reason, to watch the final season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”. Everything else, such as the short time I got to watch MST3K, or getting to re-watch Justice League or Batman Beyond, was just a bonus. I was going to stop subbing it after a month (well, two months since I got the first month free), but the value compared to, say, renting movies or getting an occasional movie with On Demand, is well worth the small price, particularly since I don’t have a lot of spare cash after bills and med bills.

    But it all boils down to several factors for me. Would I do it for just a single show? No, not really, not even for something I’m a huge fan of (like how I didn’t upgrade my cable service to watch Doctor Who on BBC America or didn’t sub to the package with the channel I can’t recall the name of that was airing Farscape). But if there are more shows/movies/features to the service/etc. that I think are worth the value, sure.

  4. Just FYI, you can probably pick up a ps+ 13 day trail the last week the episodes are free, which is the end of April, and binge watch the series.

    As to the question, I plan on getting Netflix when Daredevil premiers. But that’s Netflix, I would pay for HBOgo solely for Game of Thrones.

  5. TheWolverine on

    Not just for one show. Between Netflix and Hulu theres not a lot I miss right now. And don’t forget your local library. My library usually has quite a vast selection of current TV & Movies ( you just have to look out for how scratched or beat up the disks are) . I also use Redbox occasionally for newer movies too. I usually just play the waiting game to see if a show is any good and catch up later.

    • Agreed. A single show is not worth a yearly subscription in my eyes. I think I max out at 2 or 3 content providers (Netflix and amazon right now). And if there is a show I amthat excited to see, I can probably spring for the DVDs.

  6. I wouldn’t do it for a single show. I’d just wait for it to come out on disc like I currently do for Game of Thrones. Though I am planning on getting Netflix when Daredevil comes out but there are other shows I’m interested in watching.

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