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The Marvel Universe is no more. There is now only Battleworld and is the only place where you will be able to learn about the building blocks of the new Marvel Universe.

Welcome to the Secret Wars Interactive Battleworld Map! Strange and Mysterious worlds from Marvel’s deep history continue to forge into the new landscape of the Marvel Universe – Battleworld – and Marvel’s Interactive map will guide fans through this strange new land.

Updated continuously until the start of Secret Wars, the interactive map features the most recent details of where these new dominions of Battleworld originated from.

Today’s update includes the following new dominions of Battleworld:

  • Weirdworld
  • Utopolis
  • Attilan
  • Marvel 616
  • Marvel 1610
  • Killville
  • Bar Sinister
  • The Wall

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  1. I keep worrying I’ll miss an issue I’m interested in. They’re all being announced but you can’t order them yet. I’ll need to wait for Previews and then go through it lisitng every one I find interesting.

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