W.C. Fields reputedly said it best: “On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.” As Monday dawns, I agree with Bill, with the caveat that I’d rather be pretty much anywhere but stuck in my bunker today. Given my choice, I’d be on my comfortable couch, watching ‘Lost In Translation’ for the 1000th time, and preferably not wearing these shoes. Responsibility has won out (for now), but at least it leads to today’s ennui-laden query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would also settle for binge-watching ‘Steven Universe’ or ‘Battle Of The Planets’, asking: What movie, television program, book or bit or pop culture would you rather be enjoying than whatever you’re doing right now?


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  1. I was just about to check out last nights Comic Book Men while having some dinner so I guess none, everything is pretty good right now.

  2. I’d rather be watching a certain type of movie with beautiful Asian girls doing “fun” and dirty things.

    What? I was talking about anime with lots of fight scenes, what did you think I was talking about?

    Actually, I do have a few things on my list.
    – I’ve been wanting to watch Young Justice season 2 for a while, but I don’t have access to it at the moment.
    – Been craving some MST3K, but haven’t had any access to it since it left Netflix. Don’t even have the cable channel that has been playing The Movie lately. And unfortunately (unless something has changed), I can’t enjoy RiffTrax because I’m hearing impaired and rely heavily on captions.
    – Since I finished re-watching “Farscape” on Netflix again a few weeks back, I’ve been wanting to watch “The Peacekeeper Wars” mini-series, but again it is something I have no access to.
    – Still haven’t read the last two novels from the previous Star Wars Expanded Universe, nor have I read ANY of the few novels that have come out for the new EU that is movie canon.
    – Desperately in need of a 3DS or 2DS since there are a TON of games I’m waiting to play (including the two most recent entries in the Pokemon main series).
    – Wishing I had a mere $15 to pay a month sub to an MMO. There are a few I have wanted to renew that don’t have a free-to-play option, and a couple that do have a free-to-play option that is VERY limited in what a free player can actually do.
    – Wishing I had the officially released English subbed Zyuranger complete series DVD that came out a month ago.

    • Your nose is looking a little brown there, Chris.

      Of course, I’d probably say the same if I were in your position. I’d give my left arm** to have a job where I got to do things I love.

      **By left arm, I mean any of the left arms in my spare parts bin from action figures I’ve customized or fixed up from multiple broken copies of the same toy over the years, not my flesh and bone arm. I’m sorta attached to it.

  3. TheWolverine on

    Well, right now I’d have to say video games. I suppose it’s because of the interactivity involved and the mental stimulation they give me. Having said that I would also like to read through my various long boxes and just completely lose all track of time. Also I wouldn’t mind watching some classic western TV & movies ( as well as sci-fi, action, superhero etc.). And of course the old stand by of action figures and LEGOS.

  4. Straks Scraps on

    I’m finally reading Walter Simonson’s Thor. I would much rather be doing that or building some of my stockpile of legos.

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