The Flash is heading into a crazy few weeks of episodes starting March 17th as a poster and trailer highlight the upcoming villains.

First up is a poster featuring the Reverse Flash, who unmasked himself in the midseason finale.


Reverse Flash is n’t the only major villain you can expect in the coming weeks for The Flash as a minute long promo video shows us Weather Wizard, Mark Hamill as The Trickster and a few others.

What are you thinking about the upcoming episodes? Still keeping up with the show? Give all your thoughts in the comments below.

via Gotham News


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  1. I haven’t been this excited for a show to return since… Gods, I think it has been since waiting for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special.

  2. Of all the super-hero shows that are on TV right now (Arrow, Agents Of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Gotham, etc), this is the only one I’m excited for each week.

    I remember watching the original Flash show back in the 90’s, and am delightfully curious about Mark Hamill’s return as the Trickster. He’s wearing practically the same outfit as he did in the original show…which is just awesome! And think about if he interacts with Barry’s dad (John Wesley Shipp, who was The Flash in the original series)…MY HEAD WILL EXPLODE!

    • I feel shamed to admit it, but I did fangirl squees when people who played characters in the previous series appeared. I was pretty excited that not only would Hamil return as Trickster, but also that the same actress who played Tina McGee in the old series played the same character in this one.

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