One thing about comic books I could never stand: All the damn vampires The constant one-upsmanship.  For a time in the 90s, Rob Liefeld’s comics literally featured a series of heroes whose first action was the defeat the strongest hero in his cast, who had himself defeated the previous toughest guy earlier.  Certain chatrooms and comics stores are constant streams of “Who’s stronger”, which is pretty silly given that we’re dealing with fictional characters and also Wildfire is totally a walking nuclear furnace and the most powerful, ASHLEY!  Either way, the immovable irresistible debate gives us something to talk about and conveniently leads us to today’s scorecard-ranking query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) votes for “mulch”, asking: Which do you believe will prevail; Immovable Object or Irresistible Force?


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  1. They both surrender. I learned it from All-Star Superman and it was good enough for Ulrasphinx, so it clearly must be the right answer.

  2. I’ll put it the same way that Stan Lee did: “Which ever the writer decides”. Now that may sound like a cop out, but that is always the way it will happen. That’s not to say the writer can’t be influenced by popular demand or current fads & trends( or pressure from higher ups). At the end of the day though the outcome will ultimately be up to the writers themselves and what they think will make for a good story. Hopefully.

  3. Neither and both. Their collision creates an intense shockwave that tears a hole in space/time approximately the size and shape of Delaware that sucks both through (along with anything in their vicinity) and causes the creation of two new timelines, one for each to be the victor.

    Unless my math was wrong. If it was, the answer would be 42.

  4. I’d say the irresistible force. By destroying everything around the immovable object, the irresistible force would win by attrition. Either that, or they would both end up standing on a completely destroyed planet staring each other down ala Marvin the Martain and Duck Dodgers.

  5. In an old Superboy comic, there was a Superboy/Superman teamup where one of them was stuck out of time with no way back. They tested this with one flying full speed at the other who was standing firm. The resulting collision broke physics, resulting in the time-stuck character returning to their present time.

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