I’ll be honest: I have no idea from whence today’s MS-QOTD image comes, but I want to go there and watch it, especially when it crosses over with the DS9 animated series.  It also raises the awesome idea of getting the original actors (many of whom have done extensive voice-over work in animation already) to voice their animated counterparts, with maybe even cameos from Shatner and company, because why not?  And while we’ve got the studios drawing anyway, we might as well get them to kick in on more Clerks animated as well, which leads us to today’s in-betweener query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would really love more ‘Lost In Space’, but only if they were more faithful than that weird Matt Le Blanc version, asking: What existing movie or TV show would be the coolest revamped as an animated series?


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  1. clubberlang6 on

    Rocky the movie. Then we can see rocky fight all sorts of boxers/wrestlers. Maybe a rematch with Thunderlips!!!!

  2. TheWolverine on

    I’m gonna go a different way and say Westerns. Classic ones like Wanted: Dead or Alive, Bonanza, The Wild Wild West, Rawhide & The Rifleman from the TV side. As for the movie side I’ll go with the early John Wayne serials since the stories were already broken into parts for each successive chapter.

  3. I’m honestly surprised there hasn’t been more Clerks animated (particularly since they talked about an animated film based on the series for a while). “Family Guy” and “Futurama” came back from the dead, so why couldn’t Clerks?

    I’m still a bit torn that Disney didn’t do the proposed shift of Power Rangers from live-action to animated.
    On the one hand it would be upsetting since it would mean high import costs for some Super Sentai toys/collectibles that I could just wait for the PR version to hit stores. On the other hand, not only would there be more toys/collectibles, they could do a LOT more with animation than what they can do with a live action TV show.

    While “Highlander” has technically had not only an animated series but also an anime film, I’d love to see a “Highlander” anime (or at least anime inspired) series. Ignore almost all of the spinoffs and sequels, with the only canon being the original film and “Highlander: The Series” (and MAYBE “Highlander: Endgame”). Make it a fun action/adventure series that has both a main cast and overall story arc as well as several anthology style episodes each season that tell stories of Immortals and Watchers through history (perhaps as historical records from the archives of The Watchers or as told by older Immortals like Methos). Animation is an easy way to get around the aging of actors who play un-aging immortal characters, so they could always have some episodes featuring Connor MacLeod without worrying that Christopher Lambert is obviously much, much older than he was in the first film.

    I’d also absolutely LOVE an animated Doctor Who anthology series that follows different Doctors and companions through various adventures (and re-creates lost episodes of the old series).

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