How involved should creators be when their work is adapted for a new medium? Can we cut it out with the hosts already and let award winners give the speeches they want to give? Those topics and your comments all on this episode!

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50 Shades of Grey director/author problems:

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  1. stellarleader on

    Just listened to this. I completely disagree in two things:
    1) Neil Patrick Harris did an excellent job. Granted, the whole hosting thing is overrated, but in the role he was chosen to play, he did a good job.
    2) While is true that some people said very interesting things during the show, I don’t feel that giving them more time to talk would do any good. First of all, not all of them have something interesting to say and second, actors, directors and so on have a lot of opportunities during the whole year to talk about what they want. Yes, the Oscars are watched by a lot of people and anything said there will get to a lot of people, but do we really need to wait for that one night to hear what the Hollywood people have to say? I think we don’t.

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