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Indie creator Steve Skura at Rival Studios and artist Nik Hagialas have announced the release of the first issue of their comic book series Edge of Extinction. The series is initially being distributed on the digital comics platform ComiXology.

Edge of Extinction is a thrilling story of heroism, villainy, love, betrayal, adventure and horror set in the near future. NASA launches a historic mission in 2025 to establish a permanent base on the Moon. The mission’s goal is one of sustainability and discovery. However, it leads to unexpected consequences, and ultimately triggers epic clashes between good and evil, humans and another race of beings. Along the way, the story takes a look at the present, future, and ancient civilizations of man and other beings.

The series has already gained over 1,000 fans on Facebook, with readers remarking on the impressive depth of the story and characters.

Creator Steve Skura explains how the project came about: “This comic began with me taking a look at science fiction stories that I loved, and thinking… instead of waiting for a sequel, why don’t I make my own story and characters? I then built on my ideas by exploring ancient history, as well as my love for epic tales of good versus evil. Once I found an artist as talented as Nik Hagialas, it was just a matter of how fast we could bring this story from brain to paper.”


The first issue of the planned series is available from ComiXology at

About Rival Studios:
Rival Studios is a publishing company, based in Atlanta, Georgia, with the mission of publishing and promoting creator-owned indie comic books.


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