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  1. Nooo! Adriana! don’t leave us! Seriously though, Trelle was an amazing character that I loved very much, I will miss you and her very much. Good luck and all that too, who knows; Maybe you’ll be able to come back some time.

  2. Really sad to see Adriana go, though glad it’s for good reasons. Though I know from previous seasons that the show is great without her, I’ll still miss what she brought to the table. Looking forward to the resumption of the main Critical Hit story, whenever it happens.

  3. Nooo! :( I’m going to miss Adrianna and Trelle, she was excellent at adding an emotional element to the role-playing and overall was a delight to listen to her contributions, even when she didn’t know what she was doing :P She”l be sorely missed, but I hope Rodrigo find’s a suitable replacement, who can hopefully meet Adriana’s high quality of contribution.

  4. Really going to miss Adrianna. She added an interesting dynamic to group. Glad it’s for good reasons, and I wish her continued success.

    Now will it just be original five or will someone else (Zack? Brad?) join?

  5. Really sad to see Trelle go. Adriana forced the guys kicking and screaming to indulge in some really excellent role playing and brought a tremendous warmth and humor to the show. Hope her future artistic and professional endeavors go beautifully! We’ll miss you.

  6. I was surprised to see this pop up in my iTunes only to have that smile be turned upside down. I really enjoy Adriana on the podcast and she will be missed. I am glad for the hours and hours of entertainment that she has contributed to the group. Best of luck to you and your future endeavors, Adriana!

  7. Aspiring Spambot on

    Good thing the last season ended with everyone split up so Adriana’s departure won’t totally disrupt the plot. Best of luck to your real life questing, Adriana. Thanks for entertaining us with your wit and your elven antics.

  8. While I’m happy to hear Adriana is having success, I’m bummed that we’ll lose her character(s) from the show. So, yay-boo, I say! But mostly, thank you very much and best of luck!

  9. Well that sucks! Congrats though on the successful comic! You will be missed on the show. You were able to really bring out a new dimension from the characters.

  10. I was super bummed to see this announcement. Adrianna quickly became my favourite player and Trelle my favourite character. It was nice to have the representation that Trelle brought to the cast, as well as the excellence with which Adrianna roleplayed. However, I’ve still got over 80 hours of play time to chug through before I reach season 5, so I have quite a bit of time left to enjoy everything she brings.

    Congrats on your current success, Adrianna! I hope it continues well into the future!

  11. Nooooo Adriana! So great that your work is been recognize and valued even more that already was but still, your voice, contribution, laughter, cry and cute “Oh nooo” will be missed on the show.

  12. I’ll echo the comments of everyone else so far. I’ll miss Adriana and Trelle. I think Adriana added a great energy and voice to an already spectacular game. I think Rodrigo liked playing off of the character that Trelle became and it added a new dimension to CH. Best wishes, Adriana!

  13. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Trelle, but I loved Adriana on the show. Her laugh is insanely infectious, and there were times where I had to pause the podcast or I was going to bust up at work (and it’s very very quiet where I work so a snort or a crack-up will be heard office-wide). Best of luck, Adriana!

  14. Ingrid Lind-Jahn on

    I will certainly miss both Adriana and Trelle. They added a great dynamic to the game and to the party. Best of luck to Adriana in all her future endeavors!

  15. All the best, Adriana. Trelle added something to Critical Hit that I didn’t even know was missing, and the role playing has been much better since the start of ‘Lords of the Feywild’. We’ll miss you.

  16. I’m just now able to catch up on the past 2 weeks or so of podcasts, you don’t know me but after listening I feel like I know you, and I’d just like to say Adriana, thank you for Trelle, while I’m sad that you will be leaving the group I’m very happy that you’re finding so much success in your life. I will definitely look for your other work and I hope you find nothing but greater luck moving forward.

  17. I can completely understand how sometimes life moves on. Rodrigo really set this up to break up the cast – potentially permanently, but then he did that last season-ending too and managed to bring everyone back. Nevertheless, I’m going to miss having a female D&D voice at the table. Not that you guys aren’t great – you totally are – but I think it’s important in the 21st century to represent the feminine voice in D&D.

    Adrianna – girl, you are AWESOME. Good luck with your various enterprises. I’m going to miss your participation in this podcast.

  18. Thanks Adriana for all the hilarious moments, the touching heartfelt scenes, and the adorkable-ness of Trelle completely flipping out over cute animals (or giant werebeasts). You added a lot to the show and you’re lack of presence will be keenly felt in the seasons to come. Hopefully the guys can find someone else to keep them from murdering creatures without trying to pet them first. Best of luck to you in the future!

  19. Is the next series going to be 5th edition or back to 4th edition D&D? I’m hoping it’s 5th edition, as that’s what my gaming group plays now.

  20. Sad to see you go Adriana, you were an excellent addition to the group and your creativity and sense of wonder will be sorely missed.

    You’ve had a profound influence on me personally. Without going into all the messy details (and hoping not to offend anyone), I come from an extremely religious background and my exposure to people with different sexual orientations is limited to extremes. Either portrayed as extremely evil, or portrayed in media as extremely ‘good’ and championing gay right etc.. With both you Adriana, and Trell, I was finally able to see a lesbian character (and person) who was just a character (and person). No major hurrah, no major statements, just an interesting, caring , and inspiring person, and that is a rare and valuable thing for someone of my background to encounter. Thank you for being awesome!
    Congrats to you and good luck in the future!

  21. While it is sad to see Adriana come back to the bleachers with the rest of us fans, I am very glad she came onto the show and offered a different dynamic for the group to work with. Trelle brought us into so many wonderful moments that made us happy, excited, frustrated, and anxious. She brought parts of the world into view, both from the fictional world they explored and the emotional spectrum we forget exists in epic heroes.

    As a fan of the show I would like to thank her for coming and playing with you guys, and for the main crew for being so welcoming to her during her time. Much like Zach has become a part of the Major Spoilers Podcast, Adriana has become a memorable part of Critical Hit and it won’t be the same without her.

    Best of the Luck in the Southern Continent, Twilight Guardian

  22. Trelle was actually the reason I stopped listening to Critical Hit — namely the infamous hour-long argument over killing a giant monster spider and the dubious nature of elven democracy — so I’m happy I can pick it back up. It was nothing personal — I just never connected with the character and her personality drove me nuts. That’s just the character, though. I have nothing but respect for Adriana and I’m glad to her things are picking up for her in a fantastic way.Good luck and good journey.

    • Yeah I’m at this point now and struggling to keep listening. It is very telling how she is unable to seperate her own morality and ideals from her character, which leads to infusing all kinds of real world issues into a fantasy world. It really tears aparts immersion. She has had some great moments, but whenever there’s a chance she’s adding some kind of social realism to a fantasy game.

  23. Crap. I loved Trelle. She cracked me up constantly, and Adriana’s in, and out, of character outbursts at cuteness were amazingly hilarious. Particularly when they were either unfortunately timed or at odds with her character’s current disposition.

    I want to wish her luck, but I just as much want her to have time to come back… Damn this unfair world!

  24. Nothing against Adrianna as a person but I was so glad to hear this news and wish I had earlier. While Adrianna was wonderful outside of the game, her poor RPing (one episode she says she’s a hunter and has to kill everything in the summer canopy, and another she completely kills a session when she suddenly decides she needs to protect moon monsters because they are innocent animals) and need to bring Trelle’s romance with Camus up ever fifteen minutes just ended up wearing on me to the point where I just tonight finished up the Spud questline. I am glad the break was amicable and I’m sorry the guys will miss her but as a fan, I am so glad to be able to listen to my favorite podcast again and get back to contributing.

    • Sadly, I agree. As a female gamer myself, I was excited to see how she would, for lack of a better term, “represent” how much females can play these games with the guys and not be a token player. I often found myself telling her “OMGosh, stop, just be one of the guys, quit trying so hard!” I couldn’t help but feel she just hindered more than helped the group in moving the story along by arguing things I felt were counter Intuitive to her character. Now, that being said, I’m probably jaded because I have run in an MMO game with a group of guys, and I literally make sure to turn off my “female switch” so that I don’t get offended with anything said and they don’t feel they have to watch what it said. I for one do not want to be the chic who shows up and everyone inwardly sighs. (In the name of full disclosure, when you run with a group of guys who are mostly former military, it is “Adult” conversation much more than can be done on this podcast.)

      Finally though, when it was just discussion time, I had no problems at all with Adrianna, it was only during game play. I am also not at all saying she’s a bad player, she’s just not one that I would probably not game with, which happens. In playing games, you learn fast those who you can run with and those you can’t.

      To end on a positive, I do wish the best of luck to Adrianna.

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