With the recent demise of legendary voice actor Gary Owens, I’ve been on something of a Space Ghost binge, including the wonderful crossover short from the ‘Batman: The Brave and The Bold’ episode “Brave Beginnings.”  That story has convinced me more than ever that Space Ghost needs to be an official part of DC’s ongoing comics world, whether present or future.  Think of the potential teamups: Superman, alien policeman Hawkman, The Legion of Super-Heroes.  Heck, he’s even a Warner Brothers-owned character already, it seems like there’s no good reason not to bring him in, other than editorial frippery.  Of course, I’m also the guy who really wants to see Captain Sternn and Hanover Fiste from ‘Heavy Metal’ in the cosmic Marvel/Guardians Of The Galaxy universe, so I do think about these things often, which leads us to today’s interdimensional query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is still crossing fingers for a Japanese Spider-Man ongoing series in whatever the new Marvel Universe ends up being, asking: Who is your number one draft pick character to send to another universe, and to which universe would you send him/her?


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  1. The mash-up I’d love to see is all the Hannah Barbara type super heroes team up, regardless of ownership. Birdman, Blue Falcon & Dynomut, Space Ghost…even the Wonder Twins…anything that was a semi-serious “Super Hero” and not just a wacky funny cartoon (not that there is anything wrong with those cartoons).

    The possibilities would be endless for a “Brave and the Bold” team up adventure.

  2. I have wondered off and on over the years how a Green Lantern would fare in the Marvel universe. Kyle Rayner especially, he was always my favorite because he was an artist like me. I would like to see his interactions with the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. & various other characters to see what their take is about him, and his about theirs. With the right artist and writer it could be quite fun (I know that can be said about any comic, but you get my point).

  3. Since theres already been 3 video games of Marvel cross over with Capcoms video game characters, I’d like to see comic book series doing the same.

  4. If you had asked this question about 20 years ago I would have said Tommy Oliver to the DCU. I even had a poster I drew, inked and colored that was Tommy as a Green Lantern (with a Green Ranger inspired uniform and a hard light Dragon Dagger in his hand).

    More recently, I have two choice.

    Ben Tennyson to the DCU. Rather than build him up as if he had always existed there, he would end up there through some event (either through a rift in space/time or possible as an unintended result of using Alien X to alter the timeline once more). Not only that, the Omnitrix would also work differently, utilizing DCU alien species rather than those that it currently has access to (although a select few might still be available in a slightly altered form since there are some DCU aliens that have similarities to the alien DNA encoded within the Omnitrix).

    My second choice is Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the Marvel Universe. Before anyone rages, let me explain. There was an episode of Buffy where she thought she was “waking up” in a mental institution and learning that her life as The Slayer was all a delusion. The end of the episode was a little ambiguous to if she was just being affected by a demon or if she may actually be a girl in a mental hospital dreaming of being The Slayer. Not only that, Joss Whedon wanted to (or did, I’m not sure) make a mention during his run on X-Men where Scott Summers said he had a cousin in a mental hospital that thought she was a demon fighter. So this wouldn’t quite be the same Buffy we know, it would just be the Buffy of Marvel 616 happens to be the crazy girl who only hallucinated that she was a Slayer. The “real” Buffy would still exist in some other reality in the multiverse. Kind of a cheat, yes, but they did something similar when they had a Marvel multiverse version of Ash from “Army of Darkness”, so why couldn’t there be a Marvel multiverse version of Buffy?

    • I really like that idea about Buffy.

      And I still have my poster of Tommy as the White Ranger from 1994 hung in a prominent spot. I should get a proper frame for it one these days.

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