This week’s episode of Flash gave us our first full-scale look at Firestorm as the combined Ronnie Raymond/Professor Stein entity, and I found it to be an interesting take on the character. With Victor Garber on board, Martin Stein is a massively relatable character, and the end of the episode is almost certainly NOT the end of the story for Firestorm. Since Flash himself spun off of the successful ‘Arrow’ program, it gives me pause to wonder if Garber and company could carry off their own CW drama, which leads us to today’s atomic-powered query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is waiting for the entire Justice League to get their own shows, asking: Would you like to see Firestorm, the Nuclear Man get his own series spinning off of ‘The Flash’?


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  1. Yes and no. Right now it is too early to know if he’ll have enough substance to sustain his own series, but I’m not against the idea of one happening down the line a bit. Although it might be more interesting if it were more of a team series with Firestorm and a few other DCU characters (like a JLA-lite or JLI type team).

    And “The Flash” was pretty much planned from the get go, with his appearance on Arrow explicitly made as a backdoor pilot. Firestorm, as far as I know, wasn’t meant to be included with the intention of creating a spinoff right away.

    Also, don’t want to oversaturate the market with TOO many spinoffs in such a short time. If they spread too thin, then the existing series might start to decline in quality. I’d rather have fewer shows and a higher quality of storytelling and fun cameos rather than a lot of series and sub-par stories. Maybe in a year or two, but right now we’ve already got Arrow, The Flash and the upcoming Vixen web-series (and although not confirmed, Supergirl may potentially also exist in the same universe), and I think that is plenty for now.

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