If you’ve been on the internet for that last 36 hours or so, you’ve probably already heard the news that Sony and Marvel Studios have come to an agreement that (theoretically) seems to be designed to allow Spider-Man to make his MCU shared universe debut.  It’s exciting to a lot of people to know that another of our favorite comic characters is able to join the big ol’ billion-dollar movie series, but it does raise questions about recasting, about introducing the new character, and about what his presence could mean for upcoming Marvel movies.  As always, Major Spoilers is here with all the updated news, but your humble MS-QOTD has another train of thought, one that leads to today’s friendly neighborhood query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) just hopes that we’re not going to get another origin flick, the third in less than ten years, asking: How would YOU bring the new MCU Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


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  1. I would add a mention of him (no screen time) to Avengers 2 and then a end credits scene in Ant-Man. Then a appearance on Agents of Shield.

    • Doctor Dinosaur on

      I totally forgot the Marvel end-credits sequence. I could see them having Spider-Man swinging towards the lens, post-credits after Avenger’s 2 or Ant-Man. They wouldn’t even have to do any casting what with Spidey’s full body suit. They could be CGI’ing it as we speak.

  2. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Sony may have final say, but the way I read the situation Marvel are “the writer” and Sony are “the editor” in this joint-venture.
    I trust Marvel, therefore I trust there won’t be another origin movie.

    So here below is my prediction/wish. This is what they should do and what I’m actually rather certain they will do.

    We’ll skip the origin entirely or it’ll be a series of flashes in the opening credits. Peter Parker (Not Miles Morales..we’ll get to this later) will be a young high school student/amateur superhero. This is what set Spider-Man apart in the world of 60s comics and it’s what will set him apart in today’s cinematic Marvel universe, his young age.

    He’ll show up in “Captain America: Civil War” playing a similar but different role from what he did in the comics. Then he’ll have a stand-alone-film filled with all the best classic Peter Parker/Spider-Man bits Marvel can muster. Then that movie will continue having sequels until the actor wants to move on, at which point they’ll recast Spider-Man and we’ll get Miles Morales. Not unlike what they have been setting up with Cap and the Winter Soldier.

    Unless of course Peter Parker just dies horribly in Civil War. Then first stand-alone-film will be a Miles Morales film. Or if they just decide to go with Morales from the get-go to further differentiate the franchises. This however is something I don’t see happening. Not that I would put it past the lovely crazy people over at Marvel, but because Sony do have final say and I don’t see them gambling like this.

    It would be a fantastic trick to pull though, having Cap survive Civil War but killing the only just introduced Peter Parker. And then making a Miles Morales movie. No one would see that coming.

  3. Add an easter egg or two to Age of Ultron. A visible Daily Bugle paper with the headline “Spider-Man is a Menace” or something like that, but the photo isn’t shown (below the fold of the paper or obscured by another paper or magazine or something on top of it) and a scene with his webbing present (as if he had just webbed up a criminal or saved someone just moments before offscreen without actually showing Spidey himself). It wouldn’t be that hard for them to do this before the movie releases, be it just digitally adding it to an existing scene or making a scene specifically for this.

    From there, add some cameos with more substance in the upcoming MCU films and either Agents of SHIELD or one or more of the other MCU based series (like Daredevil or the other Netflix series), perhaps even basing a full episode or two around the characters of the series actually teaming up with Spidey.

    If I had my way, I would even make the upcoming Spider-Man movie tie in with either of the Avengers movies by taking place at the same time from a different perspective. For instance, I could easily see Spidey defending citizens in some other part of the city during the battle of New York from the first Avengers movie, and while I wouldn’t have any direct interaction between Spidey and the Avengers, there were plenty of moments where it might be plausible that a scene from the movie was happening not too far away and could be seen over his shoulder or something (such as Iron Man flying to the wormhole).

  4. First off, there’s something that needs to be addressed: Peter Parker or Miles Morales? With no personal experience with the MM character, my own obvious choice is PP, and I think it’s also just a better idea in general. Many people have been waiting for Spider-man to join the MCU for a long time, and the vast majority of them are going to want to see PP. Even with that, there’s another question: recast or go with Andrew Garfield? I don’t mind Andrew Garfield in the part, but if they do decide to recast I think they should do something bold and go with Donald Glover. He’s extremely talented, has played a version of Spider-man already, has actively sought out the part, and has a built-in following of fans that have expressed interest in seeing him play the part.

    So, how would I bring in Spidey? Like I said in another topic, I’ve stayed away from most plot details for the movie so I don’t know if the action in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is supposed to be taking place in NY or not, but if he is it’d be great to just see blink-and-you-miss-it hints of him helping out the heroes in the background without actually seeing the character himself. After the credits, you can have a stinger with a conversation where Nick Fury informs Agent Coulson “Civilian Casualties were much less than we would have expected. Seems like there was someone behind the scenes mopping up things that got away from us.” He then shows loads up a wall of screens with pictures and videos of Spider-man’s handiwork. “Find out who he is, and extend him an invitation.” The screen then zooms in on one screen that has a quick glimpse of Spidey looking at the camera before webbing it up.

    That would lead to short mentions of him in episodes of Agents of Shield possibly leading up to an episode revolving around Coulson finding and contacting Spider-man. Ultimately, this could introduce the plot elements for a stand-alone Spider-man movie, with a stinger scene where he’s confronted by Iron Man after Spidey refuses to join the Avengers because he’d need to reveal his identity. After all, Stark is the only ‘masked’ Avenger and, being a public figure, would be the perfect person to question Spidey’s need to hide his identity and question his intentions. This of course can set up for Captain America 3: Civil War, and so on.

    • I think there is absolutely no chance of Spider-man not being Peter Parker but I’m still holding out hope for Miles in future instalments.

  5. They could do it just like all the others – produce a stand-alone Spidey movie or two and then include him in the next great team blockbuster. Or, like was suggested above, refer to this “new” snotty young punk hero in an after-credit scene in Age of Ultron. After all, we’ve seen Thanos in one of these scene and he hasn’t yet appeared as the big-bad in any of the movies.

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