Edward Scissorhands #4 sees the town turn against Edward and gives readers a peek into Edward’s weird machinations.


EdwardScissorhands04_cvrEDWARD SCISSORHANDS #4
Writer: Kate Leth
Artist: Drew Rausch
Colourist: Jeremy Colwell
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Editor: Sarah Gaydos
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Edward Scissorhands #4: Eli takes a hostage and Megs and Edward finally meet.




In Edward Scissorhands #4 writer Kate Leth takes narrative inspiration from the original movie. In this issue Megs goes out of her way to try and clear Edward’s name while under her very nose her fellow citizens turn against the man in the castle that they haven’t seen in almost two generations. The does start out with a very sweet scene between Megs and Edward where she tries to convince him to come out and search for Eli, but is unable to engage his trust. The tenuous understanding between the protagonist and the titular character will make for a dramatic conclusion in the next (and final issue).

Leth has Megs go to a policeman – a figure of authority – in Edward Scissorhands #4 in the hopes of offering up some insights about Eli that would wrap the kidnapping case up nicely. Megs receives no respect or consideration in a scene that not only serves the overarching narrative of the issue, but also mirrors the way many women (Megs age and otherwise), are treated in day to day life. It is little moments like this in Leth’s narrative that give readers a peek into their own life that make this a good issue.

Edward Scissorhands #4 also marks Leth giving readers a peek into Eli’s world. The boy he has kidnapped is – blissfully – alive. It is soon evident that Eli is trying to build something (perhaps mirroring Edward’s own need to build a companion that resulted in Eli’s existence in the first place?), albeit unsuccessfully. The boy holds the key although he is unable to communicate with Eli, which lead to physical contact, which leads to potential danger. He’s not out of the woods yet, literally or figuratively, but this is a great tease for revelations to come.

When Edward Scissorhands #4 concludes Megs is once again outside the castle and, much like her grandmother before her, defending Edward from a Frankenstein-level mob who misguidedly think they are protecting her. The crowd’s inability to trust in youth is frustrating and leaves readers wondering if the finale is going to herald another accidental death?

Edward Scissorhands #4 is all set up for the final issue coming next month and the most compelling stuff comes from Eli and the questionable nature of his machinations. The issue is solid and it’s a fun read that promises to pay off very shortly. Plus, it’s nice to see Megs running around being brave!



Drew Rausch knows the story he is drawing in Edward Scissorhands #4. His linework is thin, spindly and often defies physics with the sharp angles it cuts – the scissorhands themselves appear deadlier than they ever did on screen! Megs has the largest doe eyes of any innocent girl, cttv monitors tower over Megs and the reader with implications of spying and the castle reaches up to scrape the clouds.

Edward Scissorhands #4 is a complete world with Rausch’s artwork. Much like the writing in this issue in particular, the scene with Eli is the most visually stunning in twenty-two pages. The ragdoll nature of Eli’s design takes obvious inspiration from Edward’s although he is crafted more crudely – and by extension more dangerously – than his father. The vacant eyes and clawed hand fail to betray the emotion behind there and make most of Eli’s moves toward Phil – the boy he kidnapped – appear sinister at a glance.

Rausch gives readers a creepy, slightly oppressive, world in Edward Scissorhands #4 populated by stylized, and potentially deadly, characters. He does a great job.



Edward Scissorhands #4 is all going to pay off in about a month when the final issue comes out. This is a solid story with a really, really cool scene in the middle. It’s a fun read for fans of the series.

Edward Scissorhands #4


Edward Scissorhands #4 is a solid issue where Megs gets to be brave, Eli gets to be creepy and events build to a head!

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