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  1. The Hulk wins this, hands down. The Six Million Dollar Man is a cyborg working for a shady government agency, wheras the Hulk is the American everyman trying to do his best to make his way through the world and help folks along the way. He’s the 70s TV show winner.

  2. Hulk SMASH! I’m sorry, as much as I love the six million dollar man, the Hulk would leave him needing about five million worth of repairs.


  3. The Hulk may be stronger, but Steve Austin has the advantages of being smart and super fast. Maybe in a closed space the Hulk could take him, but give him some space and I think Austin could take him down. Eventually.

  4. Never saw either show (I was born in ’79) but the hulk has to be the winner of this fight. Stronger and tougher and meaner!

  5. I would pick brains over brawn any day. In fact I would say anytime a hero had to put down the mean green machine, they used their heads not their biceps.

    Steve Austin was a USAF pilot, likely well trained and clever. It wouldn’t be easy, but I am sure he would find a way to win the fight.

  6. Hulk, but it would be a pretty close fight. Although they would also team up to take out some stereotype 70’s/80’s bad guy.

    And the whole thing was all a dream Archie Bunker had.

  7. Frederick, aka Darth Macho on

    Hulk, because I watched it with my grandfather when I was a kid. I’m not sure how that matters, but it does to me, lol.

  8. I go with Steve Austin. The TV Hulk is not nearly as strong as the comic book Hulk. Also he is not even as clever as the comic bulk Hulk in its least clever iteration. I would put their two power levels as equal or close to equal based on the television shows. With this in mind I go with the guy that is both militarily trained and in full control of his faculties over the semi-mindless rage monster.

  9. The 6 Million Dollar man was just a man with cybernetic enhancements. The Hulk is The Hulk. He’d rip off Steve Austin’s cybernetic legs and arms and beat him to jelly with them. And in the real world, if Lee Majors got into a dust up with Lou Ferrigno, Lou would probably have been able to rip off Lee Major’s arms and legs and bead him to jelly with them. So how could this even be a contest?

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