Though he has a multi-picture deal to play Spider-Man, the news that Spider-Man is now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe indicated that Andrew Garfield will not return to the role.

This announcement was not part of the official press release from Marvel and Sony, but rather a speculative statement made at The Hollywood Reporter during its reporting of the story.  Though it may be considered rumor, knowing how studios like to make their mark with every major deal, it does seem to be the most likely route Marvel will go, and it does bring up some interesting questions on who will play the wall crawler.

I think there are more than a few people who share Mr. Kurtz thoughts on this. Moments after the announcement #milesmorales started trending on Twitter. Having Miles Morales as Spider-Man may be a good move for Marvel, but may be a no go from Sony who still retains all rights to the franchise. In the deal, Sony will retain final creative control, as well as distributing, financing, and owning the movies.

If Andrew Garfield is out, here’s hoping there was something written into his contract that gives him a big payday on termination of the contract.

So, time to let your minds run wild. Who do you want to see play Spider-Man?

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  1. Using Miles Morales would be fantastic! However… IF Spider-Man is first unmasked in the MCU in Captain America: Civil War, I think seeing anyone other than Peter Parker under the mask would lessen the impact that moment should have.

    However, there is also an argument to make that seeing Miles Morales under the mask would provide a different type of impact by subverting expectations.

    • Isn’t it kind of a big thing about Miles that Peter Parker was Spiderman before him? Though, I stopped reading the Ultimate Comics before Ult-Spiderman #100, so I don’t know much about Morales.

    • I agree with this. I know a lot of peopke who loooooove Wolverine, who looooove Spider Man, but they know nothing that hasn’t been in the movies, they don’t know about writers or artists associated with the comic or great storylines, but they’ve seen every movie 12 times. I don’t know many people who follow comics (I don’t live in the US, so it’s a difficult hobby) and, let me tell you, among the general public NO ONE knows Miles Morales. so unmasking this guy as Spider Man would make everybody outside of comic book geekdom go “uh??… but if they are gonna completely make spiderman a different guy, why have him in this at all?”.
      I’d be willing to bet that those people are far more than comic books fans and to them Spider Man is Peter Parker and that’s the guy they should unmask for maximum effect.
      Then again, Marvel does make bold choices in theses movies. Maybe they’ll just establish a new Spiderman before Civil War.

  2. Having Miles Morales as MCU Spider-Man would no doubt please many a fan of the comics and further diversify the characters in that universe. That said, it would be a gamble in terms of mainstream audiences, who only know Peter Parker.

  3. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Well they have to let him go as to avoid confusion (though no doubt some will be confused anyway) Miles would be a really amazing way to go, but I won’t be up in arms if they just go with “Peter classic”. Anyway I think a clean slate is the way to go, relaunch and refresh.
    That’s the Marvel way. Funny that the “NEW ISSUE NUMBER ONE” mentality has found it’s way to Hollywood.

    Mind you, they could do both. First Peter Parker .. civil war shenanigans…Then Miles Morales.

    Of they can just start with Pete and when his actor wants to do something else they can cast Miles to continue on.
    (I assume this is happening with Chris Evans and the dude who plays the Winter Soldier.)
    That is If this iteration of the franchise survives that long. But lets be optimistic for once.

  4. As incredible as Miles would be, there is no way they are not going to go with Peter. Not just from the Civil War tie-in (however they end up reworking that mess for a movie), but also from the recognition standpoint. Marvel has finally gotten their guy back, the symbol that has (arguably) been most associated with marvel comics since the 60s. They are going to want to hit that so hard and make sure it is the Spider-Man everyone knows before they go do something like bring Miles in. I think Doctor Dinosaur has the right idea that when it is time for an actor to leave, bring in Miles. After he has been Spidy for a couple of movies they could bring back Peter with a different actor and no one would bat an eye.


  5. I think it would be incredible to see Mile Morales as the new Sony Spider-Man.

    We know the new Spidey will first be introduced in a MCU film, so it could be a Civil War plot element that has been been rumored for quite some time.

    Personally I feel if that is the case it would give the movie and both franchises real weight to see Peter Parker in Civil War, and being killed off within that arc.

    That could give way for Miles to appear and take on the mantle, closing out the big picture take on Peter Parker general audiences have grown to expect.

    Just my thoughts.

    • Doctor Dinosaur on

      He’s too old surely. The great thing about Miles was that we got to see the kind of character that Pete was in the 60s. A young teen as a superhero, what made him unique. Glover (And I do love him as an actor) would just be another dude in his 20s or 30s playing a super hero.

      If they ever put Miles on the big screen I’d rather have an actual kid. Surely that would put a new spin on things.

      • Yeah, as much as I enjoy Donald Glover, I just don’t see him being the right age for Miles. I honestly wouldn’t have minded him playing an African American version of Peter Parker, but an older Peter is somehow easier to accept than an older Miles. Maybe it is because we’ve seen Peter “grow up” in the comics from being a teenager to being well into adulthood (and that doesn’t include alternate/imaginary futures, alternate timelines, etc). I don’t know, I just know an older Peter doesn’t feel that out of place, but an older Miles does for some reason.

  6. If they’re going with Peter, and he’s not supposed to be ‘young Peter Parker’ the high school / college student, I’d love to see Cillian Murphy in the role.

  7. I love miles but if the point is to go off of the Civil War storyline, go with Peter. Then kill Peter and bring in Miles. Miles needs Peter to come first to have the inspiration and void to fill. Also, Everyone knows Peter’s back story so merging him with the MCU takes less effort. Then in the next Spidy movie have Peter die in an epic battle with Osborn, set up the miles backstory, then have him step into the role at the end for the film.


  8. I think doing a amalgam of Peter Parker and Miles Morales might be the best solution to making things different but familiar. Give him the powers and costume of Miles Morales and personality and back story of Peter. Tyler James Williams from everybody hates Chris and walking dead would be a great choice for this interpretation.

  9. I’ll be honest, if they put anyone other than a nebech-y white dork as Spider Man, I’m probably not interested. I’m not interested in spiderman because he’s smart, instead of just powerful, or because his life is shitty, and he still makes it through. I’m interested in spiderman because I can project myself onto him. And as a white Israeli Jew, I can’t really project myself onto Miles Morales.

    To me, a spiderman I can’t project myself onto isn’t The* Spiderman; It’s another Ben Reilly. And I’m not going to the movies to see a Ben Reilly.

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