In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: Goblins and Owlbears, as Major Spoilers continues with The Lost Mines of Phandelver.

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  1. Despite all your grumbling about fifth edition, I keep coming back week after week and this is easily my favorite D&D podcast to listen to. Jerks.

  2. Team name… The Malagogos? Nearon’s Neurons? Drenar and the Dungeon Dwellers? (Not sure the official spellings.)

    The scroll of silence? Hello darkness my old friend?

  3. “Wellcome to Critical hit, home of the running gag.”
    Thank you all for another great, great episode.
    love it and plug it to all my frieds – be a proud DnD nerd!

  4. I really enjoy the different ways Rodrigo comes up with to flavor help and bardic inspiration. These would be good refrences for people looking for ways to get people to roleplay more. Having them do non-threatening flavor text like this might loosen people up for more involved role play between characters.

  5. I’ve been playing 5e in a local shop as a part of adventurer’s league. It seemed like no one rolled with advantage during the surprise round in the first fight. Suprise gives advantage. Also, Brian, getting cantrips or spells that require a save would make sense since you force other things to roll dice, especially with full plated hobgoblins.

  6. I am not a huge fan of 4e but I really enjoy listening to you all play it and if I were ever to play 4e again I would embrace the rules and have a good time. There are games I truly hate to play so instead of playing and whining the whole time I simply choose not to play them. Seriously, enough with the 5e bashing already. Either keep an open mind and try to have fun or stop playing it. Every time I hear one of you say “I hate this edition” or something similar I stop listening. Ugh, I really dislike posting such a negative comment. I really love this podcast and have looked forward to it every week. I have encouraged my gaming group to listen and unfortunately I am now regretting that decision. Keep playing and recording please. I still love you you guys.

      • Rumtuggle the Fabulous on

        5E took Matthews d20 magic away.

        I think it’s because he doesn’t have an axe – your character uses an axe.

        Axes are the key to success on Critical Hit.

      • Maybe it was a joke the first 20 times he was “joking”, but the last 20 were not very funny. The first 20 weren’t funny either. Are you sure it was a joke? He is usually more funny and does not tell the same joke over and over and over. Maybe he does not “hate” 5e , also black is not black if it is dark dark dark grey. Not black. See?

        • Actually, I’m known for telling the same joke over and over. It’s actually one of my favorite humorous devices.

          As for Fifth Edition, you clearly love it, and that’s perfectly fine. My experience was mixed. Please note that I moderate comments on a daily basis, so any questions about my motivations are easily aimed at me, there’s no need to presume, project or create any straw men to represent them.

  7. My mind reading abilities only work on my wife (altho not very well), but I’m not taking Matthew’s “I hate 5E” too seriously. Congrats on another great pod cast guys, loves every episode so far :)

  8. +1 for The Malo-go-gos

    Another fun session, and it’s been interesting to hear the group tackling a more traditional dungeon crawl. Folks should chill out about the alleged 5e hate – Matthew is clearly making a joke.

  9. I know that this off-season session is probably over… but it would be nice to have the players introduce their characters once in a while. It would help to remind me why the bard has glowing eyes and the occasional pirate joke. I remember mostly but sometimes I fail the save vs. forgetfulness

  10. Love the show guys. I found it completely By accident and have loved every episode I have listened to. Your off season 5e have helped me with some of the pitfalls of 5e. I’ve taken all information I’ve gleaned from your show to my group to help better understand the system thanks again and stay golden pony boys and girl.

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