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South Florida based publisher Cosmic Times and Frozen Beach Studios (a Florida based studio) are working together to bring Stephan Nilson’s science fiction adventure tale Metal Locus to the market in 2015.

Set 100 years in the future, Metal Locus follows data currier Hermes as he intercepts a program that is nothing like anything he has ever seen before. In his mind the program takes human form and warns Hermes that danger is coming. The program is a next level terra-forming equation that can literally create life … but, can also be used to destroy it. Now Hermes, on the run from bounty hunters and corporate headhunters must decide if he wants to be a hero or if he should just cash in the program and get paid. 

Metal Locus is a monthly 4 issue mini-series written by Stephan Nilson (Batman Strikes for DC Comics & The Pound for IDW) and illustrated by Larry Watts (Robyn Hood for Zenescope & Army of Darkness for Dynamite). The first issue is scheduled for an April 29th release date and is currently available for pre-order through Diamond’s Previews Catalog – February 2015 edition (number 317) on page 323 (Diamond order code FEB15 1226). A retailer incentive variant cover by Karl Waller is also available for qualifying orders. 

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Metal Locus (with 4 page preview)

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