On Wednesday, you may want to pick up Superman #38, as it will feature a new power and costume for the Man of Steel.


There are slight tweaks to the costume (still no underpants on the outside), but the new power may be too destructive for even Superman to handle.

“It’s definitely the most destructive power Superman has,” Geoff Johns told USA Today. “And he’s not exactly excited about it because it is so dangerous and there are consequence. It’s not going to be suddenly he can levitate things. It’s something that is going to be very unstable and something that Superman’s going to have to deal with for quite a while.”

With the new power, DC Comics has charted the powers Superman has received over the years.



So, new powers, huh? Cool? Not so cool? Better left alone? Use the comment section below to share your thoughts.

via USA Today



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  1. Ehhh…? I feel like of all the super-heroes around the one who needs a new power the least is Superman. It just seems like he is a hard enough character to write good stories for due to his God-like power set and this is just going to make that problem worse.


  2. I don’t think the new power will stick,especially if it is as destructive as they are claiming. It will be a plot device to beat one bad guy before it fades into obscurity like the Legion of Super Pets.

  3. I’ve got it! I know what the new power actually is!

    Evil space aliens destroyed Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, which drained his powers. So an intergalactic floating head and his robot sidekick sent Supes on a quest across the universe to uncover the power of the Kryptonian space ninja, which will unlock Superman’s powers in a very similar but slightly different way, and he also gets a giant robot.

    Okay, kidding aside, I think I’d prefer Superman to lose a bit of power, not gain more.

    • If this ends up being the plot to “Man of Steel 2” you will have to answer for putting that out into the universe.


      • I would think they would have to answer for ripping off Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie.

        Then again, WB HAS been pushing for a giant robot spider to be thrown in a Superman movie since the early 90’s, so they may just try it.

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