With the Fantastic Four trailer officially released, both the fans and the detractors of the upcoming reboot finally have something concrete to pin our hopes and fears to.  Some say it’s a dark, generic thing that doesn’t seem like FF at all; others are surprised as being interested in the film for the first time, but by far the most interesting subgroup of commentators are the folks who are rooting for the movie to fail so that the property can return to Marvel’s in-house production studios.  It’s an understandable position, as Marvel’s films have been pretty excellent to date, and the last Fox Fantastic Four movie was less than impressive, but it’s still a bit puzzling.  If the Fantastic Four movie turns out to be really good, and leads to an Avengers-style resurgence for Marvel’s first super-team Fox might keep the rights, but we’d also have our first really good Fantastic Four movie, which leads us to today’s possessive query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) has always felt that the rising tide raises all ships, as with DC’s New 52 in 2011, asking: If we can get a really good Fantastic Four movie, does it matter to you what company or brand is on the masthead?


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  1. To me, Byrne FF, preferably even She-Hulk in team inspired film would be the one I want. I seriously doubt We’ll ever see anything near like that but if it was to be made, I couldnt care less which studio it says in opening credits.

  2. I would only want whoever’s name is on the masthead to be proud they’re doing a sometimes-ridiculous comic book movie. The most off-putting thing about the trailer was how pretentious & ashamed of its source material it seemed to be – the sonorous narration, the shots chosen to make it look like hard sci-fi, the overall deadly serious tone. I think the main reason people want FF to go back to Marvel is because they won’t be embarrassed by the comic-book-ness of it all. But Fox can embrace that if they want to (they’v already shown the world the joys of crazy X-Men retcons), and frankly, after Guardians, they really should. If they could do that, I’d be fine with it. But that doesn’t seem likely.

  3. It depends. There are a few companies and creators that I’m just sick and tired of, so even if they made a good one I might not even see it because I’ve been burnt so many times in the past. But as long as someone makes a good one that doesn’t feel like it is a name only adaptation, then I guess it doesn’t really matter who does it.

  4. litanyofthieves on

    To answer your question simply: Nope, as long as that company doesn’t use my money to support hateful causes like anti-marriage equality etc…

    To talk more broadly about the trailer itself: I feel Fantastic Four IS a story that needs a lot more translation from Comic book to Film than say, Batman or Spider-Man. And I think the tendency in the film industry right now is “This property is too sincere and time-periodish to directly translate? GRIM AND GRITTY TIME!” I think that it’s been that way for a while.

    Completely off topic, I’d honestly like to see an “Alt-History” version of the Fantastic Four that’s actually still set in the 60s or 70s. That would be kind of cool and allow you to do a little less “translating”

  5. It matters to me only in the light of editorial control and end quality. Right now, Marvel/Disney seemingly can do no wrong, whereas the Fox movies have been decent at best. And when you have Hollywood hacks who care not one whit about the source material in charge, you end up with Bat Nipples, SpiderMan shooting webbing from his wrists or stealing the web fluid from Ozcorp instead of inventing the webshooters and fluid himself, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, upside down kissing, Cellophane S shields, memory-removing kisses, Quests for Peace and the like. Or abominations like the Supergirl movie…. pardon me while i barf a little in my mouth.

    • The upside down kissing didn’t really seem that off, but everything else? Yeah, those were all pretty bad. There isn’t enough alcohol in the world that can wash away those stains on my memory.

      It is precisely why I’m so burnt on some specific studios or creators since they seem to dissect and rebuild a property until it only resembles it in name only. At this point, I’d have more faith in some of the creators of cheap mockbuster B-movies made for Syfy than I would some specific big name Hollywood studios.

  6. I enjoyed the first Fantastic Four. The cast was excellent, except Alba who was just okay. And the story was probably one of the better origin/table-setting movies of the turn of the millennium. Fox and Sony’s need to cram more characters into the movies is what generally kills their films.

  7. If we can get a really good Fantastic Four movie is the question. I actually liked the first Tim Story FF. It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t garbage either. If they would make an effort to stay true to the source I wouldn’t care what studio or producers were behind it. GOTG proved to me that they can make a good cosmic sci-fi adventure in the vain of FF if they wanted to, they just need the right people behind it.

  8. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Somewhat. I’d rather have a great version that might also be able to crossover (If it makes sense for a crossover). But of course I’d rather have a good version, over a bad version with crossover potential. Heck cross-over potential can easily wreck a good self contained thing.

  9. I cannot say that i have a strong opinion in either direction. While it would be nice to see the Fantastic Four brought into the Marvel movie franchise, a GOOD movie regardless of production house should be the more important thing.

    Granted I’m also one of those few people who saw Silver Surfer and thought it was alright. Probably didnt help that I hadnt seen the first one….

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