Munchkin is a dedicated deck card game by Steve Jackson Games, written by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic, that has a humorous take on role-playing games.

This week, Stephen is excited about hitting 112 episodes! He also shares a new set of two player house rules for playing Munchkin.

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After shuffling the decks go through the doors and pick the first race and class and set them aside in a 3rd player’s spot.

Optional: You can also set aside the first 5 monsters from the door deck which can be added to combat if the other physical player has a wandering monster card or a rule allows legal use of the monsters and meets the 3rd player condition.
This could also be done with + to either side in combat cards.

Reshuffle the Doors and go through the treasures take out the first headgear, armor, footgear and legal hand weapons (one 2 hand or two 1 hand whichever comes first.) and set them into the 3rd player spot. reshuffle the treasure deck.
This player will be at level 3 to start the game and if elf will go up a level every time they assist in combat. Otherwise they can only go up a level by go up a level cards so the 3rd player cannot win the game.

To use the 3rd player to help yourself in combat or to hinder your opponent you must roll a munchkin D6 and achieve a roll of 4 or greater. If you use the 3rd player to defeat a monster you must roll a Munchkin D6 again and on a roll of 5 or greater you keep all the treasure, if you roll 4 or below the treasure is cut in half randomly and upgrades are added to the 3rd player anything else is discarded. (Better items, go up a level, etc)

As many 3rd players are you want can be used in the game. Or it can be determined by a random D6 roll for the total number of players in the game at the start.

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  1. Hi, thanks for your suggestions, i want to try it soon, just one question.
    How can you use 3rd player to hinder your opponent?

    if i understood well, 3rd player don’t have any cards like curses or anything else to use vs physical players.

    is right?

    Thanks again


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