This week’s Saturday movie night featured “Mister Peabody and Sherman”, a film chosen by the Widget and only tolerated by the father (that’s me, BTW) because she has been sick and because I liked the original Jay Ward cartoons as a child.  It was pretty much the same Dreamworks plot (including the obligatory “emotional arc” for the characters) we’ve seen half a dozen time, but at least parts of it were funny.  They at least tried to include the absurdism and terrible puns that marked the original, though, and it entertained the Widget and made her want to travel back in time to magical times like The Renaissance, ancient Greece or “the freaking 80s, where I could prank Dad as a kid.”  The fact that each of these time periods was equally remote and alien to her only depressed me a little bit, but it did lead us to today’s chronofractural query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would be a terrible time-traveler, as I’d want to go to fictional eras like Dashiell Hammett’s 30s or the 70s of ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’, asking: If your father was a dog with a time machine, where would you want to go first?


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  1. I would go about 20 years in the future to see how my youngest goddaughter and my nephew turn out when they grow up (since realistically, I probably won’t be around by then).

  2. Somewhere between 1000 A.D. & 1400 A.D. to see how my ancestors in Ireland & Scotland lived. And to see if the knights had any adventures or not. The second place would be the late 1930’s, to see the rise of comic books & how they began to spread( and you know, maybe snag a copy or two of Action Comics #1).

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