Followers of the Complete Major Spoilers Experience (or at least those who follow our Twitter hijinks) were privy to a discussion this week about which members of the Star Trek crew represented which members of the Major Spoilers crew. (I still say Stephen is Sisko, Rodrigo is Dax, I’m Kira and Zach is Doctor Bashir, but that’s my DS9 bias showing.) It was interesting to see how our own self-images compared to our public perceptions, but also to see how people categorize the likes of Doctor McCoy and the utterly amazing Montgomery Scott, which leads us to today’s future-shock query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would like to think that I’m a strong Kirk-type leader, but I’m really more Guinan or Lieutenant Barclay, asking: Which member of the Star Trek cast (of any era or iteration) would you be most likely to choose as a role model and why?


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  1. Kirk, because I want to spend the rest of my life seducing alien women.

    Actually, in a way, Miles O’Brien and Julian Bashir are my role models for how a perfect friendship should be. They are two clearly different people, but they complement each other well and could always count on the other if they needed them.

    I also look up to Voyager’s EMH Doctor because he never really let his limitations stop him from furthering himself, and Neelix for always trying to find the best in a situation. With my disabilities and health issues, it would be easy for me to give up and see everything as pointless or hopeless.

  2. I’d choose Miles O’Brien (DS9 Edition)
    He kicked ass in both peace and war. He also able to maintain a stable and loving family.

    Let’s see Riker top that!

  3. James T. Kirk. There is only one. Smart, dedicated, brave, never give up, always seek a solution for problems. Be a fierce friend and a forgiving opponent. Have a sense of duty, be a person of substance and character. Decisive when others panic and if the situation arises, you step in front of proverbial bullets to protect all those you love. He’s an incredibly flawed person but he shows that even with human weaknesses any of us can be people who contribute positively in life, you just have to try and have the courage to fail and try again.

  4. Scotty…. first of all because we already share a name, secondly because I also got fat when I got old, but mostly because I always try to solve problems as best I can with what is at hand, and also when asked for an estimate for the time it will take to do a job, I usually double it, at least, and when I come in ahead of time, the customer think I am a miracle worker, too. Most of my coworkers underestimate the time a job will take and are constantly disappointing the customers…. and none of them are Star Trek fans.

  5. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Picard, surely.

    Healthy in mind, body and spirit, clever, wise, moral, diplomatic and one who will gladly view this already complex world from a multitude of perspectives.

    The Horatio Hornblower connection doesn’t hurt either.

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