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    • Doctor Dinosaur on

      This is Whedon, there’s likely going to be more plot in this than in any of the Marvel movies thus far.
      In fact, this looks like it’s going to “wrassle” TDK for the Heavy Weight Championship Belt. The first trailer already gave us the basics on the Ultron story, this just seems to be an -action trailer-. Though it does subtly and not so subtly imply a whole mess of things.

      Black Widow flashbacks of her getting experimented on in the 80s..? (60s?! 40s!!??)
      Developing relationship with the Hulk?
      Did Hulk just murder some police officers?
      Stark built Ultron using something Thor knows about?
      Ultron = Peace Keeping Drone Army?
      Didn’t Cap just discontinue that program in “Winter Soldier”?
      (CIVIL WAR)
      Fury still in hiding, what has he been up to?
      The Maximoff twins are inhumans.. how did Hydra get them?
      We have no place in the world..
      Who are we?
      You always create the thing you fear..
      Other than Skynet/Ultron what does this refer to?
      Was that Jocasta disrobing?
      Ulysses Klaw! Vibranium! Wakanda!

      Very little Hawkeye..
      Stark seems kinda mad at Hulk
      .. uh oh

      A lot of things going on.

    • Doctor Dinosaur on

      She looks African. I’m going to assume Wakandan?

      I’m also going to do a facepalm because I thought she was Jocasta.
      Mind you.. I watched it on my cellphone, it was dark, she has very short hair… and I’m a moron.

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