This weekend’s accidental entertainments (the vagaries of Cox Cable have shut down a couple of my regular channels thanks to negotiation difficulties) included the latest X-Men film (not bad), the second half of ‘Jumanji’ (surprisingly enjoyable), and Top Gun’, which as always is a testosterone-laden Reagan-era impolitic train wreck of a film…  and I couldn’t look away.  It’s a film that lives and dies on the charisma of actors (especially Val Kilmer, whom I have always admired), and even though I hate Maverick and everything he says, does and represents, it was still an enjoyable viewing experience, which leads us to today’s dissonant query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) always finds Bruckheimer joints to be disjointed, swaggering messes, but some of them are a lot of fun nonetheless, asking: Which books/movies/etc do you find yourself enjoying Top Gun-style, even though you hate the genre or style of pop culture they represent?


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        • Oh good, I was worried there for a minute!

          The only thing about the new one that interests me is that Bruce Campbell’s Ash actually makes a brief cameo at the end of the credits, which actually made me hate the idea of this movie much less than I had (although I’m still not exactly thrilled by it).

  1. Does Degrassi count? I mean I honestly hate most teen dramas, but for some reason I seem to be enthralled by the cheesy as heck teen drama of Degrassi. I don’t rush off to watch when it is on, but if I’m flipping through channels and see it, I often stop and watch.

    And there are some various romance novels that I didn’t think were all that bad. I despise romance novels and consider them a form of torture, but there have been a few random novels that had a sci-fi or fantasy twist (usually vampires or aliens) that made them surprisingly intriguing. Simlarly, there has been some “Twilight” fanfic that were actually quite good compared to the craptastic source material (I know, I’m honestly surprised by that too).

  2. Not sure if this really fits in with the question, but for me it’s Cooking based reality shows. One, I generally dislike reality shows in general (aside from a few seasons of Real World) but with the addition of very pompous judges it just grinds my gears. Yet, I still watch Master Chef and Chopped very often. There’s something about them that still entertain me regardless of all the factors working against me.

    Also, I want to add. How dare you speak any ill of Top Gun.

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