Yesterday, we discussed which of Marvel Comics female heroes should get their own movies next (*coughShe-Hulkcough*), but it’s not just Marvel that’s trying to turn their comics into billion-dollar movie properties. With that big-budget Wonder Woman film on the horizon, Warner Brothers and DC also have a stake in making cool movies and as deep a bench of cool super-types from which to choose. How ’bout a Zatanna flick? Or a kung-fu action movie featuring Black Canary? If we’re really trying to plant a bug in corporate ears, we should ask for a Worlds Finest flick with Power Girl and Huntress, which leads us to our second consecutive all-woman query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks there’s one name at the top of any list, that of Mary Marvel, asking: What female hero of the DC Universe should get her own solo film next?


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  1. we all know DC went out on a limb with Wonder Woman… so they’ll play it safe and go back to a known property… it’s going to be Super Girl…we all know it… let’s just accept it and move on.

    • Doctor Dinosaur on

      You could be right, but there is nothing particularly safe about Supergirl. She’s certainly not less of a “limb walk” than Wonder Woman. And with a SG TV show being created (Yes I know Flash gets his TV show and a Cinematic counterpart, but he’s the only one so far) it seems like WB may not have their eyes on her?

      I don’t think she’s any more of a “lock” than any of the other obvious frontrunners (Batgirl, Black Canary, Zatanna).
      I actually think DC may try to massively one-up Marvel on the female front with some predatory plumage before we ever see a supergirl flick.

  2. I still think Jade (daughter of the original Green Lantern Alan Scott) would make for an interesting movie, but it might be better not as a solo film but paired with her brother Obsidian. Just leave out anything to do with Green Lantern and focus on them before they found out who their birth parents were.

    Raven, Zatanna and Big Barda would all make for interesting solo films as well.

  3. Sadly, I think Wonder Woman may end up being DC’s only female-led solo film. Supergirl, Batgirl, or the Carrie Kelley Robin may be seeded in Batman, Superman, or combined team films. Zatanna will certainly be in Justice League Dark, with an off chance of Black Orchid appearing in that as well.

  4. Just realized that the question is who SHOULD get a solo! (Reading comprehension, Cale!) I would love to see a team movie for The Movement (which will never happen in a million years), a Helena Wayne Huntress solo that seeds Earth-2, or a Stargirl solo.

    • I could see them introducing her in The Flash to test out if she’d interest people in a TV series. It wouldn’t be too difficult to fiddle with the character history to fit into the world of Arrow/The Flash without losing the essence of the character.

  5. Some great suggestions here. I really do like idea of Jade. I think Lois Lane could pull off the name recognition but it would have to be a cool premise. Maybe an action spy thriller (with Lois as a an investigative reporter.).
    Another one that they might could pull off is Raven. With the teen titans cartoons I don’t think she would be a complete cypher and you could do some pretty cool supernatural stuff.

  6. I’d love the idea of a Power Girl movie, just have her be established like in the Palmiotti/Gray/Conner run. Have Terra be in there, and I think that 12 issue run would be a great springboard for a film.

  7. I would love to see a movie about Kimiyo Hoshi, Doctor Light! Or even better, Amethyst!
    Unfortunately, I think that DC might be tempted to do something with Pandora before anyone else.

  8. Doctor Dinosaur on

    The Birds Of Prey.
    (Not strictly speaking a solo movie, but there won’t be any guys sharing the spotlight either as with a typical team movie)

    Marvel would have to respond to that and PRESTO, we’ve suddenly come very far in terms of gender representation on both sides, at least quantitatively. We may even get a physically disabled character.

    Another thing this course of action would have in it’s favour, is that whoever pitches it gets to use the word “Gotham” and “Batman”. And we know the studios can’t say no to anything even tangentially Batman related. Finish the pitch with a crack about “Bruce’s Angels” and the deal is sealed.

  9. Saturn Girl,LIght Lass,Shrinking Violet,Duo Damsel,Phantom Girl…the largest cast of female heroes are the Legion.Let them loose on the movies.Maybe the Great Darkness Saga on the big screen?!?

  10. The best concept is IMO by a large margin Birds of Prey on their original concept of Oracle + Black Canary.

    Less derivative of male characters than most other choices, not plagued by the serious contradictions of concept of Wonder Woman, not too tied to DCU continuity, far more relatable than most other choices.

    Of course, both characters would work solo as well. But a duo is probably a stronger concept.

    The second choice would be Big Barda.

    In both cases, however, the concept is the easy part. For such a movie to succeed, it would need to be strong on the implementation, the way the last four or five DCU movies were not.

  11. I’d love to see a Barda movie spin out from any interaction with Darksied.

    Black Cannary would be good too, but I really see potential around a HawkWoman movie.

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