Marvel has decided to give our eyes a break and release the full-sized Ant-Man teaser ahead of the full trailer premiering Tuesday during Agent Carter.

I’m hoping that a fight sequence with Paul Rudd is thrown into the trailer on Tuesday. Rudd doesn’t have to be in the Ant-Man costume, I simply just need to see him fight as someone other than Anchorman‘s Brian Fantana to see what he is capable of.

Without having seen him in action, I think Rudd looks the part. Chris Pratt certainly changed the face of what the Marvel superhero actors look and act like and Rudd seems to fit right in with the gang seeing him in that one little shot so far.

Tune in to Agent Carter on Tuesday for more and be sure to come to Major Spoilers where we will certainly be talking about the trailer.

via Marvel


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  1. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Are you saying you don’t want a minuscule Brian Fantana out there in the world fighting crime?


    It’s the name of my new aftershave.

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