Now that’s we’re into the new year, it’s time to look forward to see what we can expect in the coming months.

By this time next year, we could be seeing a seriously revamped industry, particularly when it comes to the “Big Two” comics companies, Marvel and DC.

Let’s take a look at what’s possible in 2015.


DC Comics, Marvel, digital comics, Saga, Secret War, Convergence, Jonathan Hickman, Beyonder, Ultimate UniverseThose of us who have been buying comics for at least a couple of decades likely remember the very first Secret Wars event. You may remember the Beyonder, for instance?

Well, Marvel’s going to endure a second Secret Wars in 2015, and it may mean profound changes this year.

There’s been a rumor floating around for months that Marvel would be bringing the comics into the movie universe. Whether that comes true or not, no one can say at this point. However, from all I’ve seen so far, it looks like Marvel will be going through some big kind of shift when the event kicks into high gear.

With Jonathan Hickman and a few other “big names” at Marvel moving their time more to creator-owned products, we can only wait and see what the House of Ideas brings our way in later 2015.


When the New 52 began, it was a huge success for DC. But now that time has passed, DC’s returned to its usual second-place spot behind Marvel each month. In order to remain competitive, DC has to make changes.

One thing that’s happening around April and May is the moving of DC offices to the West Coast, and that likely means a shake-up when it comes to people in charge. It also will likely help the company continue to successfully integrate its properties into TV and movies.

While the transition is taking place, all the monthly titles from DC will go on hiatus, replaced with Convergence, an event that will likely blend old and new together … for at least two months or so.

There have been a LOT of people, many of them online, who have vocally let DC know they do NOT like the New 52 and want the return of comics they way they were told before that branding began.

Convergence supposedly will bring back some of the pre-New 52 versions of beloved characters. The trick is, will they go away again once Convergence is done?

Personally, I hope not. After all, Marvel has had at least two different universes existing at the same time for over a decade. Though the Ultimate Universe may be going away soon, they did get 10 years of selling at least two different versions of several of the same heroes. Why not have a New 52 Universe and a Convergence Universe, I ask? We’ll see if that happens or not.


DC Comics, Marvel, digital comics, Saga, Secret War, Convergence, Jonathan Hickman, Beyonder, Ultimate UniverseI’ve often harped on how I dislike events, particularly those that run from one directly into another. However, we can’t ignore one important fact – they seem to sell well.

Also, we’ve become sold on the notion that some significant change has to take place in order to make a book “relevant.” I also dislike that notion.

Forgive me if you’ve heard me rant on this before, but the story’s the thing. Not the change. Not the event. It’s if a book or series of books tells an engaging tale that matters, at least to me.

I’d truly love to see that focus return in 2015, but I doubt it. Still, I can dream, can’t I?


I think we’ll continue to see “name” creators shop their wares to “other” companies, much like Mr. Snyder, Mr. Hickman and Mr. Higgins have to Image Comics. After all, if Marvel or DC don’t want it, why not look for someone else interested in producing the story you want to tell?

People continue to seek out the next Saga, a book that appeals to the non-longjohns readers among us. Look for several books to hit the stands this year, touting themselves as “the next Saga!”

I also think digital comics will continue to take over the marketplace. I know DC has plans for expanding what they do, and Marvel’s also putting their toe in the water this year. Can the rest of the industry be far behind?

No matter what, I think 2015 will be a year we’ll long remember. Exactly why that will be, only time will tell. But I sure don’t want to miss it, and I hope you will continue to keep up with the latest events here at!


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