First off, let’s get the hoverboard, Griff hat and self-lacing shoes jokes out of our system, because there is no way that they’re ever gonna make it the full 365.  (Well, somebody had to say it.)  It’s not even like Marty’s future world is the only 2015 ever seen in film (hell, it’s not even the only 2015 seen in *that particular* film), as Arnold Schwarzenegger was cloned in 2015 in ‘The Sixth Day’, while Rachel Summers at one point traveled back in time from the year 2015 in the ‘Days Of Future Past’ comic stories.  Visions of the far-away future have long been a part of our fictions, and as our favorite pop culture ages, we’re going to be running into a lot of familiar years, which leads us to today’s prescient query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is cautiously optimistic about the future, and hopes for a year hanging out with my teen super-friends at the Nine Planets Ice Cream Parlor and flirting with Lightning Lass in 2963, asking: What futuristic pop-culture year would you wish 2015 to resemble?


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  1. Most future settings are dystopias or otherwise dangerous places with angry aliens and stuff. for all our sakes I have to go with 2062, Jetsons. Its safe and mostly stress free environment. There are several cool ones, but nearly all of them are dangerous and/or depressing to actually live in.

    • Ah the distant future year of1999. Personally I would escape all the stress of a collapsing society by booking a relaxing break to Moonbase Alpha.

  2. Whatever a long, long time ago was in the Star Wars setting. I want my custom Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor, complete with a sleek black glossy paint base with purple flames and a pin-up girl style painting of a Twi’lek on the side. Or an Imperial Star Destroyer painted to look like a wedge of cheese.

    Or maybe the slightly futuristic setting of many Transformers series (such as G1 around the time of “Transformers: The Movie” or the world of Transformers Animated). Still close enough to present day in some respects, just with much cooler gadgets (like hoverpads or working mecha-like armor/space suits for humans).

    Or the setting of Dekaranger. Still a bit like present day, except there are cooler high tech gadgets, aliens (both friend and foe), a galactic police force, giant robots and lots of cute asian girls.

  3. Doctor Dinosaur on

    We are already e-mailing schematics to the ISS and then 3D printing them, if that is not proto-replicator technology I don’t know what is.
    Go big or go home.

    Star Trek TOS.

    Now we just need to warp some space.

    • And Holodecks, don’t forget Holodecks!

      Of course, if those or a truly immersive VR ever become available in my lifetime, then nobody will ever see me again. I’ll spend all my time in some sci-fi fantasy setting and never get anything done. I’ll be like Reginald Barclay minus the hypochondria.

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