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  1. This is a tough one. I did not see all of these, some I may never see, but I went with Captain America: Winter Soldier. I think it was the most solid of all the ones I saw and also got me all pumped up and ready for some more. Also Big Hero 6 and Guardians were both a real close second place.

  2. I agree that this was a tough one. I also did not see all of these. I went with Guardians of the Galaxy. I loved the movie, I loved the tone they set, I enjoyed their take on the characters. And it actually was my favorite movie of the year.
    Winter Soldier was a very close second.

  3. I voted for Guardians but I’m sad that no one is voting for Big Hero 6. It was a fun movie but Guardians & Cap2 were so good.

  4. Shiny New Toys on

    I loved Winter Soldier, but I couldn’t vote for anything but Guardians. The humour and lighthearted approach was just to good. Possibly as I had no preconceived ideas going in.

  5. I picked Guardians of the Galaxy, but to be fair I only saw two movies on this list (the other being Snowpiercer) since I don’t get out to the theater very often or rent new release movies thanks to all my bills and med bills.

    I can’t say that would have been my choice if I’d actually seen the others, though. It was a really fun movie for sure, and I enjoyed it enough that I’ve watched it about 8 or 9 times already, but until I see the others (such as Big Hero 6, which I’m told I’m really going to like by friends who have seen it), that is the best of the ones I’ve seen on the list.

  6. Guardians, all the way. Saw it 5 times in the cinema, tying it with Jurassic Park as my most cinema’d movie ever. Fun. Funny. Exciting. And oddly touching, in places.
    Cap might be better, but Guardians is my prefered.
    Big Hero Six STILL hasn’t opened here :-(

  7. I think Captain America: Winter Soldier is going to appeal to the older spoilerite, more than Guardians of the Galaxy will appeal to the younger spoilerite. (under 30?). I would be curious to know the vote by age group.

    My vote went to Winter Soldier, a very smart espionage movie. Guardians of the Galaxy could be consider as a ‘1977 Star Wars’ for the new millennium

  8. I liked Captain America: Winter Soldier the best out of this year’s line-up. Mostly because, not only was it an awesome story based on a Comic book character, but it was an entertaining, adult story, as well. I think it had appeal for both my childish side, and my grown up side. It may in fact be the only one of the list that I would say that about.

  9. While I absolutely adored Captain America: Winter Soldier, I have to with Guardians of the Galaxy. Cap was a brilliant spy thriller, with some great character moments. However, Guardians just felt special. Every other scene, it seemed to grab a trope, then give it the middle finger, and then do it over and over again. I feel that the word irreverent is fairly applicable to Guardians, even the after credit special is a big smart aleky moment. It brought something new and special to the comic movie scene and has opened the way for less popular characters to get their own films. Its sound design was great, and I am not just talking about the 80s music. Lee Pace chewed the script with great gusto, and made for a fun villain. Also, that may be my favorite way that villain has been duped into their doom. That is why I contend that Guardians of the Galaxy is the best comic movie of 2014. Ooga Chaka!

  10. I had to abstain from voting, and I am officially turning in my Geek Membership Card because I’ve seen absolutely none of these movies yet. I wasn’t particularly interested in any of them to speak of thought I will go see the last Hobbit movie once I am over this bad cold I am suffering from.

  11. I picked Big hero 6 only because its the first movie I went to the movie theater and watched with my 3 year old son. It has a lot of sentimental value attached to it.

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